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To wories abut hiv

Hello Doctor
I'm 40 and a Muslim
I begged you to help me with my problem that makes me so much that I can not sleep nor can I work or work I can not concentrate, but above all the family
On 21.11.2018 I had unprotected sex with a masseuse.
I was influenced by alcohol, the act lasted 20 seconds, and when I was pregnant I lost my condom. And I did and I urinated. From that moment I was worried, and I did not speak at all.
on 24.11 I went to the doctor and did the tests for syphilis gonerrea kllamidia..For fortune came negative but after a few days I started to nervous the nervous system because in some parts of the body side of the neck waved some small rashes that were crushed a little if it did not shake reddish, with 10.12 I started to sore throat, then a rash on the face alone, a muscle pain of the left foot some like burning as a puncture in the hands.through all these passed.If my throat I still get irritated but I do not have a pain I feel a lot of fatigue 1 hour and then I go back to normal I read very much on the internet and now I am filled with stress from reading. Please what I need to do with these simpsons. Please give me one as fast as possible.
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You have "irrational or obsessive fear or anxiety, usually regarding Hiv particular." It is something that can often take control of a person's life, interfering with interpersonal relationships while significantly reducing the quality of life all symptoms are because of anxiety

If you think you have exposed just take 4th generation test at 28 days then relax i am sure it will he negative dont worry stay away dont google your symptoms and stay away from internet try to keep yourself busy do some activities forget about this....

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"seconds, and when I was pregnant I lost my condom. " What does that mean? Did you have vaginal, oral or anal and did you use a condom all the time?
I made o ggole translate sorry for my english
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What do you mean, when you were pregnant? I thought you were a male?
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I made google traslate
Sorry for my english
I understand, I think.  Did the condom break, or did it come off when you pulled out of the woman?
In that word i sayz i was i a dush and i made pie
I'm sorry, it appears that your Google translator isn't working. It's hard to provide assistance when it's not clear what your question really is about.
Hello Doctor

Sorry for my english I used  ggogle translate

I have a lot of concerns about HIV and I'm 39 years old and family man
At 21.11 with some friends we went to a massage center where I was a bit drunk and then ended up with a happy ending.

The act lasted for a maximum of 30 seconds. Whenever I had a condom, everything was changed and I went to the shower and urinated.
On 25.11 I went to the doctor where I was diagnosed with gonorrhea syphilis,cllamidia
Tests are negative. And I told my doctor about my situation.

He assured me that I did not have a HIV because the act lasted shortly and men who  are (Muslim) are unlikely to be infected.

Somehow I was released But I was not quiet and I started to search on  the intenet.
On 05.12 began my appetite because my throat started to with aching, some rashes began in the skin with a quick rash in normality, a temperature in the face and neck and neck, the muscles of the feet started to heat a heat through hands and to near a fingers.

It was bed situatin  when, on December 19, 2018, between the feet was a little skin care. And today the throat goes on with the same leaf and in the neck on it comes some fried fry with a scratching of the leaf. I am very troubled by these symptoms. Please what should I do in my case
Hi there - I am sorry, but Google translate is not working.  The words you are posting in English do not make any sense.  Our members cannot understand because the words are wrong.  Please ask someone to help you with the English translation.  Our members cannot help you because we cannot understand the question.
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A happy ending is with the hand on the penis.  You cannot get HIV from a hand on your penis.  You had zero risk for HIV.  You do not have HIV.
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Yeas i have made a sex unprotect sex they call happy end
What is your normal language? You can post once in that language to see if anyone who speaks it can understand you.
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write here in Arabic and i will answer you if you want
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That is a very kind offer, kazouz.  You may wish to re-post your offer in Arabic since the member is having a very hard time with English.
i am trying to help .....
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