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Toilet paper and bed sheet?

I went to an inn and I went to the toilet and bleeding from hemorrhoids, I used toilet paper there to wipe my anus and saw some blood on it, then I didn't wear pants and sat on the bedspread, I was worried because the inn always had sex work. Although toilet paper is not used yet, I still worry about it and the bed sheet. In short, I worry about bed sheets and toilet paper with fluids or blood. When I came to the room still empty, if there was a bit of fluid on those materials, was there a risk of HIV after 5-10 minutes? Sorry for my english and hope you understand what I say. Please help me I am really obsessed with those things
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Not a risk at all.
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Are you a doctor who specializes in HIV, I really want a doctor to answer for me
There are no doctors on this site.  This is a very elementary HIV question and it would be a waste of a doctor's time to answer it.  Your events were not a risk at all.  

HIV risks for adults are:
1) having unprotected, penetrative, anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles (with IV drug users)

NOTHING else you can think of is a risk for HIV, including the events you described.
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