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Tonsilitis 3 weeks after sexual exposure

I am a normally healthy 24 year old female. I had vaginal sex with no ejaculation roughly 3 weeks ago. We used no protection because he said he had been tested about a week prior. I had no reason not to trust him but now I realize that sti testing does not always mean testing for HIV. About 3 days ago(3 weeks past exposure), i came down with a mild fever and very swollen right tonsil with pus and slightly swollen glands on the one side. No coughing,congestion or rash. Went to clinic and they perscribed amoxicillin but didnt take a throat swab. I feel fine other than discomfort when I swallow. Could this be signs of HIV?
Please help.
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Should you feel your partner had a questionable HIV status and you engaged in unprotected sex,  you need to test to know.  Symptoms do not mean a thing.

The best course of action for you right now is to wait for another week and get tested at 28 days with a IV Gen HIV test.  Incase you do not have access to the aforesaid test, you can get tested at 42 days with any standard HIV antibody test.

Also,  I would like to add that the symptoms you have described are not in consistent to HIV ARS.  ARS symptoms if it happens are mostly heavy, they all come at once, wrecks your body to an extend where you would have to go to the ER.

Always insist on condoms to protect your self from STIs in the future.  Good luck.
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Thank you for your response. Although I plan on being tested at 42 days, its comforting to know the symptoms are not typically related to HIV ARS (although I am aware symptoms are not always an accurate indicator). I have no reason to believe this person is HIV positive, however since I put myself at risk I will get tested.
Symptoms are never an accurate indicator, so ignore them and try to relax until you test. Everyone posts here about their ARS, but so far I have never seen anyone who claimed they had ARS who ended up with HIV (mainly because 98%  of them didn't have an HIV risk despite feeling they had ARS), so they worried for nothing.
I am not sure about the 42 days for other tests as most people thinks it is 12 weeks for non- 4 gen tests, but for sure the 4 gen is conclusive after 4 weeks so there is no purpose in waiting until 42 days for a 4 gen.
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