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Tonsils swollen and rash, HIV?

Hi. I'm 19 and having a bit of an HIV scare. I had unprotected sex with an ex but he wasn't close to getting cum in me (I guess only pre-cum) (last time we had sex was a month ago but have had unprotected sex before then back in February)
Anyways a few weeks ago I felt a lymph node only on my right side and then my underarms would hurt every now and then. But no fever ever.
Then on Saturday my ears and throat started to hurt and I noticed my tonsils where swollen so the next day I went to a clinic and noticed I broke out in a rash on the sides of my toros, center of chest (breast area), and back of arms. I went to a walk in clinic and came back negative for strep throat or mono and was told the rash didn't look like anything serious.
But today the rash is starting to spread and is now on my right leg around my knee and thigh area. The rash doesn't itchy it's just pink and bumpy.
Could swollen tonsils and rash but no fever be a sign of HIV?
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Symptoms or lack of will never tell you anything about HIV. Test at 3 months since last unprotected exposure for a conclusive risk.
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