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Too confused

I am 24 years old was touring Malaysia in August 2010 and went to massage center, I was virgin till that day, when I got offer for sex, it was very difficult for me to say no as I never had it before,

First she gave me blowjob without condom but she was taking hot water in her mouth I don't know why,

After few mins I got discharged definitely not in her mouth, then after cleaning with tissue I opened a new condom and after wearing it I had virginal sex with her and got discharged in few mins and the removed the condom with tissue and took shower,

I know it was a safe sex and condom was all ok till the end,

I traveled alot in a week and then when I came back home I was feeling very lazy tired for a week and I was thinking I might got HIV but that was because of too much travelling and it was just a doubt,

then after 2 months I got flu and I thought the same again but it was just a doubt too because so many people were getting flu because of change in weather,

I spend atleast 10hrs on computer and sit on chair because of which my back has started hurting from last 20 days the pain is less and I feel it usually when I bend my upper body and from last 4 days my left knee is hurting badly that I was not even able to band properly, the pain in knee bone is like when you get hurt by hitting it but I have not hitted it, atleast I don't remember,

this can be because of so many other reasons, I am not sure its psychological problem or what but I am scared if I am infected with HIV, I am not sure should I go for a test or not?

When I think of going for a test I feel if incase it will come positive the life will become very bad because I will not be able to tell my family or anyone and when I think of not going for test I feel if in future I will get sick I will again think of HIV,

Please suggest me something, m really very confused and tensed.

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Not an hiv concern,however other STD,S were a possibility.Post in the STD forum.
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Don't expose yourself again, and you will never have that anxious. Not worth it.
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you NEVER had a risk from what you have described.
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