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Took OraQuick Swab Test 3 weeks after exposure...

Hi there,

Exactly 23 days ago I had a possible exposure to HIV...I was fingered during a threesome (I'm a gay male btw) and one guy fingered one dude vigorously and then took that same finger and inserted it in me.

I've read that this transmission is almost impossible due to the fact that the virus is very fragile and is rendered unable to infect once outside the human body, even if it's for seconds, but I just wanted to make sure so I took the test about an hour ago...

I know the test says to wait 3 months but seroconversion is approximately 22 days so I thought that this would be close to an accurate result...am I wrong for thinking this? It was exactly 3 weeks, 22/23 days when I swabbed.

(I tested neg.)
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You had no risk, a test like that is not conclusive when you have a risk until 3 months.
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Thanks for your timely response, I appreciate it. I called an HIV hotline and they told me it was a possible risk bc of minor cuts in our rectums that could serve as an entryway...is that incorrect? I did clean my hole right before messing around so there might've been some microscopic cuts there.
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