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Touching the blood of an hiv infected person

    1I bought pep from a confirmed patient in my town. It took two hours to get to my hand, and I had a small cut on my finger. No bleeding but a lot of pain. In case there is blood on the package, will semen infect me? I distinctly remember my wound touching the bag. Is it inactive for two hours?

   2When I smoke, the burning end of my cigarette touches the door handle of a public toilet. If the door handle contains the blood of an infected person, I will breathe the infected air into my lungs. What's the danger? Or is the virus dead even if it's there? What are my risks? I'm scared. Help me. thank you
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He's infected hiv I'm sure of that
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please help me 。
You have been advised already. Your risk never existed
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Nothing that you described is a risk for HIV infection. In an adult, the only way you can possibly be infected is by unprotected anal or vaginal sex or by sharing IV drug needles with infected users. Nothing you posted here is a risk.
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Thank you so much my friend, I can't convince myself always 。I'm Chinese, and our doctors don't agree.with that view 。 They think AIDS body fluids will live long outside the body,may be 2hours plus
Well I can't help you with the wrong information given to you by people who are obviously uneducated. All I can tell you is that actual experts in HIV research are in agreement that the types of things that you posted about are NOT a risk for HIV.
Thank you for your help and show my respect to you and the experts. I was probably too scared. This was my real contact with an infected person. Thanks again.
First of all, thank you for your answer. Yes, there is no need to take pep. It was because I was so scared that I bought pep from an infected person. And ate two. Is there a risk of eating an infected person's drug? What if they had HIV drugs? I may be ridiculous, but I'm so scared. Please excuse my ignorance. Tenofovir and lamivudine. Looking forward to your reply.
You were advised about the only two ways you can get infected with HIV, so no, taking an infected person's drug is CLEARLY not one of those two  ways.  You should never take prescription medication that isn't prescribed for you, as it could cause serious side effects.
thank u so much sir ,So, you're saying don't think about it as long as there's no unprotected sex or intravenous transfusion. Isn't it? I will try my best to come back to real life. Fear makes me unreal
Your problem is not disease, it is fear of disease. If you can't accept the science that you had no risk you will live in agony, in which case you should see a therapist to try to get back to your normal life instead.
dear 'ANM
the 3 is absolutely right ,right?
Are there any side effects, are there any serious risks? I don't have to do any testing, right?I don't eat any more.
Your questions have been answered many times here, so asking them again and expecting me to answer them again is not useful. You can look up the effects of any medication online or else ask a pharmacist. The fact that you doubt everything you have been told here suggests that you should ask your pharmacist, and hopefully that person hasn't been told by the political rulers in your country to lie like the doctors do.
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