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Transexual ejaculate

Thank you all for taking time to provide this wonderful forum. I am terrified after a recent encounter and have seen a lot of varied information online that has really confused me about risks. I think the below is zero risk for hiv, but am scated (I read your instructions and asked the same question on the std forum for concerns about other stds). I am in Japan and yesterday I went to a transexual massage parlor (they use the term Newhalf). I speak Japanese and the woman (transitioning male to female) was quite nice so we hit it off. My concerns are as follows:

1. We mutually masturbated and she ejaculated. I rubbed the ejaculate on her for a while with my hand, but after a few minutes I used that same hand to masturbate myself and also my penis might have touched the ejaculate after she came and it was on her stomach. Is this a risk from this?

2. She had a pretty bad rash on her legs, but had no sores or anything in her penis area or upper body. I didn’t think much of it because many people in Japan get skin rashes, but later I thought about herpes or second stage syphilis and penis might have touched one of the sores on her legs. The rash was on both legs but more on her lower legs and area above her knees to lower thighs. Her inner thighs, penis, navel, and upper body were totally clear. Does my penis touching a sore from the rash on her leg create an hiv risk?

3. I don’t know if this makes a difference for either of the above two concerns, but I am a well controlled diabetic and I tested my blood sugar about two hours before I met her, and it was on a finger that I used to masterbate her.
Does this make a difference?

4. Finally we did a lot of frottage where she masturbated our penises together. She had no sores on her penis. Is this a risk for anything if she had precum and got on or in my urethra?

Thank you for any insight you can give me and for taking time out of your days to provide this amazing community service.
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You had no risk for HIV contraction.

There can be no risk associated your event, infected fluid in contact with environment would not be infectious.

Testing wouldn't be necessary.
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Thank you!
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