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I stumbled upon this website through a search on Yahoo about how HIV is transmitted, and it really made me worried, because it claims that the government is lying to us and that HIV CAN be transmitted by mosquitoes, and CAN be transmitted by infected food handlers, and also that HIV can live outside of the body for up to 7-14 days.

The address is "http://www.invitation.to/dance/HIV.htm"

Basically my question is.... is all of that information correct, or is that website full of misinformation?
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Okay so I checked out that website, read it and then researched the author of the book, "AIDS: what the governement isn't telling you" I'm a Christian and the author of this book claims to be one too. However, if you click on the link at the bottom of the web page it takes you to some story about Homosexuals and how they are cursed. Well I'm dealing with my own sexuality now, and never have I believed that gays are cursed. But this author believes that!  She claims in this story that a man got AIDS because he left his wife to be a homosexual. No yes this indirectly caused him to have AIDS becuase for 1 he wasn't in a monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner, and becuase he was have sex with men, which is higher risk. Being Gay doesn't cause you to have AIDS and it doesn't put you at a higher risk. Anal sex with an infected partner gives you AIDS. Yes HIV is more privilent in the gay community, but that's because of the high risk of HIV transmission through Anal Sex. Basically this woman is trying to make all Gay people straight, which in my opinion is wrong. And she is filling up web pages with lies about the transmission of HIV. Yes there have been expierement to see how long the HIV virus can last in dried fluid and they were administered under extreme conditions by scientist. The HIV remained able to infect for 15 days BUT this was done in a laboratory without common things found in the home or office. But the average time HIV can infect while in fluid out of the body is an hour or two tops! HIV is an extremly fragile virus outside of the body! Did you know that there are also a few scientist that believe HIV is in no way related to AIDS? That's bull ****, proven science shows that HIV causes AIDS.  Do you know the difference between HIV and AIDS? Did you know that if HIV were that easily transmitted then all of San Francisco would have it from breathing the air? Any other questions I can answer? Oh yeah don't believe that woman she's on a crusade against gay people.
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You have to ask if that **** was true? You've got to be kidding. Are you saying you were not taught anything in health class about STDs and HIV/AIDS? Or did you sleep through that part?
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