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Trimix needle risk

Immediately after injecting trimix I had sex with a condom. The condom might not have covered the needle stick site on penis. Exactly two weeks later I had swollen lymph nodes on both sides of groin. No other symptoms. First question if the condom did not cover the needle point was I exposed? Could that be an opening for the virus? Second are my symptoms consistent with initial HIV symptoms? Thanks
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You were not at a risk. HIV can be transmitted through infected fluid in contact with a mucous membrane or damaged tissue or be directly injected with a syringe into the bloodstream for transmission to occur.

An injection spot on your body will not be able to present a route to the above due to 2 important reason:

1. Blood has coagulation properties, it starts to clot immediately after a wound. Also, in such a small wound, the clotting would be instantaneous to let infected fluid pass through the puncture.

2. The wound caused by injection is minute. Practically, for HIV to be transmitted in such a case, the scenario needs to be a gapping cut through your skin, bleeding profusely that comes in contact with large quantity of infected fluid.

You have nothing to worry about. Testing is not needed.
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Please read mike_no's comments.  This is not a risk for HIV.  Only the head of your penis need be covered to prevent HIV transmission. Air will inactivate the virus.  A small needle stick site would not be a place in which HIV would transmit.  You had no worries for HIV.

Symptoms are never used to diagnose HIV.  Only testing. Which you do not need as you had no risk.

HIV is only transmitted by unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles.
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Thanks so much for the answer. What about the swollen and slightly painful bilateral groin glands with no other symptoms? I also had unprotected oral sex. Could the swollen groin glands with no other symptoms indicate another sti or possibly urinary tract infection. I would think there would be other symptoms with these infections.
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As we said, symptoms are NOT used to diagnose HIV.  In your case, they have nothing to do with your exposure since it wasn't a risk for HIV.  Unprotected oral isn't on the list of potential transmission routes, right?  Saliva and air inactivate the virus.  This is the HIV forum so will only address that aspect.  UTI's and STD's have symptoms associated with them. Condom protected sex poses no risk of std if condom is used correctly and oral is minimal risk.  UTI's happen when bacteria gets into your penis head and that bacteria is things like fecal matter.  With regards to HIV, you've done nothing to warrant a test or a worry.  
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