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Trying to Move On

Guys its been 34 days or almost five weeks since my exposure.... last five weeks have been terrible for me... have sought many explanantions time and again from the doctors, teak, lizzie and other guyd on the community... have known many things which i did not know before abt HIV.... well i had started to accept that i was safe..... was taking antii biotics for a mild sore throat.... just stopeed taking them two days ago... last two days throat was fine... suddenly its become sore again... the doctor also said it was a mild infection... now am having a slight sniffling and a bit of cough in the mouth time and again... read somewhere that ARS hapeens only between 2-4 weeks... all symptoms happen together... i have had no fever...  suddenly this thing has happened again and put me into worried that a flu like symptom showing up... my mouth is full of sores and ulcers... am taking vitamins for mouth ulcers... i think my mouth sores should be due to taking antibiotics for 4 days... bu i don't know for sure... even though i had condom prptected sex... i suspect a condom breakage... experts on this forum say a condom break can't be missed... and also read somewhere that mutual masturbation also has a theoretical risk... but its low risk... i have life in front of me... and i will be the happiest man in the world if i don't have HIV.... but suddenly this flu like symptoms and mouth ulcers close to week 5 are worrying me... Can it be Oral Herpes or ARS bcoz on yahoo they say ARS can happen btw 2-6 weeks... this recurring sore throat has put me into a fix...
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Teak its easy for you just copy paste this .... but hell is going on in here... you were a paramedic dude atleast tell me what is the reason for this sudden showing of flu like symptoms in just two days after taking proper anti biotics.... my throat was fine... today i notice some **** and i a will get scared
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Move on you didn't have a risk and you've been told over and over. Apparently you don't read the guidelines. Say good bye.
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there is NOTHING more that this forum can do for you.

you have been advised...by this community and the expert forum...that you were not at risk.

move on...
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