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Trying to get the facts

Hello there! I wanted to detail some of the conversations I’ve been having sense my stupid incident. I received I guess unprotected oral sex (although plastic wrap was used). Anyway, I called my doctor and asked about the risk. I was told, “well the mouth has body fluids so HIV can be transmitted.” I am sitting on the two week mark since my incident and I guess I need to wait two more weeks. I was hoping the phone call to the doctor would be helpful. It gave me more anxiety. As I have been reading Medhelp and other forums, everyone says saliva is not an effective form of transmission. Why wouldn’t my doctor know this as well? What can I do to start putting my mind at rest? I tried to talk the professionals and it made it worse. I know this isn’t an anxiety forum, but it’s the best place I’ve found with knowledge on HIV. Thanks for the patience and hopefully I can start to get some good facts.
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I have no idea why you are here asking the exact same questions you asked before about the same incident.
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I’m just trying to understand why my doctor said saliva could transmit HIV but that doesn’t seem to be what others say. I was confused by the conversation.
We are not your doctor's spokesman and this is not a biology class. It is an hiv prevention forum and you do not have hiv, so if you can't accept that then take a duo at 4 weeks as a placebo then move on to something interesting instead of wasting your life with silly ideas that you will make medical history.
I hear you. Do you have some other resources you could share? I’ll try to get my mind off of my fears and away from my guilt. I’m sorry to be a bother. Truly I am.
You don't need more resources. Reading about hiv is not an interesting hobby. I'm sure there are fun things that you can do with your life so it is best if you find a way to move on from hiv fixation and enjoy your life instead.
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You won't find a lot of resources regarding HIV and receiving oral sex, since there have never been any cases of HIV transmission from receiving oral sex.
Here's a study involving serodiscordant couples who engaged only in oral sex.  Not a single transmission occurred: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12045500
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Thank you for the link! That was very informative! I’ll keeping working on my mentality and overcoming my guilt. I can make it through! Appreciate the responses to my posts!
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