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Turning positive after 6 weeks with a 4th generation test

I know u guys r following the guidelines of ur country and until they change if they change one day it is 12 weeks mark.
But in my country the guidelines said that a 4th generation test negative 6 weeks post exposure without any other risk is conclusive ( 4months in case of a pep ). In France, doctors sais that in 10 years they never saw a negative test at 6 weeks turning positive later.

My questions are just followings :
1-Is there someone here that was negative with a 4th generation test at 6 weeks and turned positive later ?
2- How do we know if we are immuno-depressed ?
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3 months is conclusive no matter where you live.
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French guidelines r saying 6 weeks conclusive so. I understand u r following américains guidelines but if you were in my country ans the guidelines were saying 6 weeks ? Would u follow the guidelines. Because french guidelines and its official since 2010 are saying 6 weeks ci conclusive and its not my fault but the HAS ( its like the CDC for u guys )
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Post their guidelines.
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hi im from england and i done hiv 4th generation negative  test later 11 weeks and still worried...
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UK Fourth Generation  Testing
Post testing
Page 11
The need for a repeat HIV test if still within the window period after a specific exposure should be discussed. Although fourth generation tests shorten the time from exposure to seroconversion a repeat test at three months is still recommended to definitively exclude HIV infection.
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PLEASE dont hijack someone else's post.

you were answered on YOUR post...read it !
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It does not say it is conclusive at 6 weeks.
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Im french i just gave u the mini of the french guidelines page 6. 6 weeks post ELISA. The delayed stayed at 3 months in case of pep. Im not critiqiaing uk or us guidelines il just informing u and give u the page and the mini that shows that the french guidelines gave a conclusive résultats 6 weeks post exposure. Im not engliqh i dont know about uk guidelines
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Really u give me the uk guidelines page 6 french guidelines i dont lie to u guys evzrybody knows that 6 weeks is conclusive on France it wrotten black on white page 6 and that is the french guidelines.
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Move on.
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I dont debate because ur forum is helpful. But gosh ask any doctors any french here its official.in France no testing after 6weeks with ELISA combo and cut of value of 50pg/l minimum.regards,
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