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Two negative results at 6 weeks test - conclusive?

Do I need to retest again at 3 month, after two negative results using Alere Combo 4th Generation Test? 6 weeks post-exposure (43 & 47 days)

I'm scared... Pls help!
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Those 4th gen test are typical considered conclusive at 28 days so yeah yours 43 and 47 days are conclusive,wat was your exposure anyway?
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Hi, thank you for the help! My exposure was a protected sex in a massage parlor.  But I'm really worried because we both checked the condom if it was broken but we're not sure about it (including me because I was drunk), then we immediately  stop from there.
If you had protected sex, you didn't need to test. Condom breakages are absolutely evident, there's never a situation where you would have to guess. You would have most definitely known. The fact that there is guesswork going on means that you never had a risk.
That is not an exposure. If a condom fails it rips down the seam and hangs in tatters from the ring and is hard to take off, so it is a waste of time doing water tests and close inspections. Nove on from hiv and no need to waste your time with more tests.
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