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Two questions regarding HIV transmission

Dear community members, here is my concern and I would appreciate an answer with maybe a very brief explanation as to why the answer is what it is.

I've spent three days reading and looking information up on these two topics but can't find a conclusive answer.

I had a small fresh cut on my finger. The cut was red / pink inside and about 3 hours old. It never bled but did have a clear fluid in it. Same finger was used to finger a female who's HIV status is unknown, but she has had a lot of partners.

I also engaged in penis to vaginal rubbing without a condom. She was bent forward and I rubbed my penis against her vagina. (From behind her) I never actually went inside of her, but the tip of my penis certainly made contact with her vagina (lips and opening area of the vagina) where it was exposed to her vaginak fluids. No actual insertion though, but again, as close to insertion as possible being that I was rubbing her vagina.

Are either of these scenarios a cause for concern? Please explain briefly. Thank you in advance.
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