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UNCIRCUMCISED..inner condom exposed to vaginal secretion with hand contimation

I went visit a CSW and I fingered her vagina for about 1 minuet.  

My  concern is I put on a condom after fingering the CSW and as I roll the condom on my penis I touch the inner part of the condom.  My concern is that I am UNCIRCUMCISED and I am afraid the secretion might come in contact with my underpart of the foreskin or the urethra.  I have read many NO RISK on others who have asked the same question but I didn't see any situations like my "uncircumcised" question.  

I put on the condom  and had sex for 5minutes(penetration).  I am afraid that i might have been infected with the virus inside the condom

I want to say the time from the fingering and putting on the condom is appox. 30 sec.  I know there is probably not much  secretion on my hand because of the drying time (time to open the condom package etc..).  But I remember her vagina was very wet and I don't want to take any chances (assuming she is HIV+).        

1) Please let me know where I stand?
2) For my situation what factor was in my favor?
3) Should I be tested for HIV?
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1. You are fine, not exposed to HIV
2. All the  "factors" in your favor :)
3. No

Body fluids, if come in contact with a condom or foreskin (outside the body, vagina or anus), they do not pose any threat
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Hi, you had no risk to contract HIV from your affair
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Is it the lack of secretion amount or the exposure to air that  both of you are so confident that my exposure is a none-risk.  . .
  The fact that I have the contamination fluid inside the condom, therefore not exposed to air, does that change anything.  Thank you
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No risk and both contribute to no risk.
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