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Ulcer in Mouth

On a recent trip to S. America I had protected sex with a girl I meet in a bar (unknown status).  
There are two parts of the encounter that have caused me some concern.  Before we had sex I 'figered' her.  I had two small healing cuts on my cuticle.  I understand from this board that the cuts are not a worry.  The other thing that worries me is whne we were first getting started she was not yet very wet.  After rubbing her for a shot while I put my fingers in my mouth to get some spit on them.  I did this two or three times.  After that she was wet and we had potected sex.  I had a small ulcer in my mouth about the size of a BB.  It was not bleeding but it was whitish.  This is my concern.  I have read all over the internet that an ulcer in the mouth can pass HIV.  Is thsi true?

I decided to post here to get the opions of those that are smarter than I am.  Am I worring needlessly?  I plan to not have sex for the next 3 months until I can get a conclusive test....and one last question.  Are the home tests sufficent or should I go to a clinic?

Thanks for all the help.  My intial google search was out of curiosity but now the more I read the more nervious I become.
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No an ulcer in the mouth cannot cause HIV infection. You did not have a risk of contracting HIV.
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Thanks Teak, I appreciate your response.  I also have a fissured tongue.  Which is a bunch of flds in the tongue.  Have you ever heard of this with regard to HIV transmittion?

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You did not have a risk. PERIOD...See your doctor if you have a concern. It is unrelated to HIV.
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The mouth is a hostile environmental for HIV. Folds in the tongue are irrelevant.
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Thanks, I really do appreciate it.
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