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Uncovered vaginal with mother being in end of menstrual , circumcised risk?

I found a girl from the net. She is in late 30s. She is mom , I know her girl. Divorced
We met, had some walk, then in the hotel we had sex but
In the bathtub with water and soap because she felt a bit shame due to some final drops of brown blood from menstrual period. We had sex normal, not hard , for some minutes. I ejaculated inside.
Sex had been without friction.
After ejaculation I stayed inside for some few minutes.
And then I pissed.

Supposed I am circumcised and she has the hiv. Take pep or not?
I know the fact that ejaculated inside finally does not increase risk for me

But am I at big risk?
She is polish , northern polish.
Are hiv stats enough from women there?
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That epic story has many irrelevant details, so let's figure what happened that matters.
I think you are saying that you had vaginal sex. Did you use a condom?
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Title is "uncovered"
Also circumcision takes place.
But some final drops of menstrual blood .
Am I for PEP or just the reduced (due to circumc..) risk of 1/2500?

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I presume uncovered means unprotected, so will go with that.
Statistics are only useful for large quantities of people, and you are one individual - Also, risk also depends on how many unprotected partners she has and whether she ever tested.
You can take a duo after 28 days or any other after 12 weeks for a conclusive result. Unless you know that she is hiv positive then PEP is not recommended. Can you ask her when she tested last and what kind of test she used and how long after her last unprotected she did the test?  
I cannot ask so much things.
I can just ask if she sure hadn't any contacts.
She told (but who believes if she did with me, will do with too many others, not?) me that with husband is from 17 years old, they had baby , and never had other man , apart from me who I am her second , and the first after her divorce, I e last six months
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Unprotected vaginal sex would warrant testing.

The soonest you can test your self is at 28 days with a IV Generation HIV test or at 42 days with any standard antibody test.

The risk is low. We have to factor the most important point that your partner has all the reasons to be HIV negative, not every one around is HIV positive. Also, FTM transmission is relatively difficult, it is usually observed for a male partner to get infected it takes multiple unprotected exposure with the infected partner.

It wouldn't be any help to generalize the statistics for HIV infection in specific demography, you had unprotected sex and if you doubt your partner's serostatus, you must test - it is simple as that.

Administering PEP or not is something that should be discussed with an infectious disease doctor and not on online forum. However, based on my experience, a good experienced doctor wouldn't be much worried and wouldn't think that you would qualify for PEP. It's generally recommended to individuals who had sex with a known positive partner or shared needles for IV drugs with an individual of questionable serostatus.

Stay calm, keep away from internet searches for HIV. Think rationally, don't go the symptom route, they don't mean a thing. Test at the aforesaid timeframe. You most likely will be negative.

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Good morning. Assuming she is positive, because as she did with me she probably does that with everyone, the fact that she had an ending blood period, you know, doesn't increase my likelihood of being infected?
Does not increase my risk?
And how much important is that I am circumcised?
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We can't assume risk percentage by generalising information, there are no formulae to quantify it.

Your risk was low that's all you need to know. You should get tested, we have already told you about your options for testing timeline.
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Try ot relax until you can test. The only statistic that I would focus on while waiting to test is that if she is negative, then you have zero risk.
Thanks both of you guys, last info...
She hasn't been tested after her pregnancy 6years ago and she tells me I'm the first after she divorced 6 months ago....  Do I laugh alone or all together?
Ok we won't make assumptions.
Only data.
1.Some final menstrual blood drops
2. Circumcision

Do they have any affect?
At this point, our members have given you the advice to test. Until that time, we wish you the best.  Please keep in mind the percentage of a one time episode resulting in HIV transmission is less than 2 percent.  Let us know what your results are after you test.  
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