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Uncut penis/ Saliva risk/ Bleeding gums?

Hello, Can saliva which has the virus in small quantities ever infect the uncut penis and urethra during a session of getting a blow job? I read that uncut men have chances due to mucous membranes which are prone to infection, and these mucous membranes DO NOT need to be damaged or have a cut. I like getting head, but if its a risk for HIV, I will not do it. How can I be sure of gingivitis or other oral concerns that are not visible.I am just an anxious guy, so please explain the biology if possible. I don't do drugs, and not into other sex forms. I sometimes have guys spit in their hand and then rub my penis. I hope that is safe too.
Thank you very much.
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Saliva isn't infectious.  Additionally, no one has ever contracted HIV from receiving oral sex in the 40-year history of HIV.  You won't be the first.
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Thanks Curfex X. I hope you are correct. A quick google search indicates that some men did believe they were infected by being the insertive during oral. I wonder if that involved visible blood? Google is NOT my friend right now. I am re assured by the Canadian safe sex site (Catie) that says that getting head is not a risk for HIV.
Belief and evidence are two entirely different animals.  Let's pretend, for the sake of argument, that a handful of people DID get infected that way (though there is no hard evidence that happened).  If you want to concern yourself over a 1 in 10-20 million risk, that is entirely your prerogative, but it isn't rational, nor can I, or anyone else on this forum, support that concern.
Thanks for sharing this .. I am re assured by the Canadian safe sex site (Catie) that says that getting head is not a risk for HIV. it calm me down so much
Sorry sharing another link that confirms there is no risk from recieving oral.
Thanks for sharing this informative link. Even with Gum and Mouth's Sore problem, HIV is not a risk for Oral sex right? Is there any explanation more about this issue?
Every disease has specific routes of transmission.  Oral sex is simply NOT a route of transmission for HIV.  There is no further explanation necessary.  It just isn't a route of transmission.
CurfewX, everytime I have PANIC attacks (cramps, stick back, cold hands, dry mouth, hyper ventilating, crying), I read your post. It provides me with great comfort. Thank you.
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You obviously don't have to live with a fear that is actually nonexistent. I urge you to see a therapist and seek help for it. Therapy and medicine can help you overcoming your irrational fear of this disease.

I second CurfewX, you were never at risk. Saliva inhibits the virus. HIV is not your concern.
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Thanks for your reply and support
This is a good 20 year old article I found. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9989543
I am one of those people VERY anxious people about receiving brief oral (ie insertive felatio) and then wondering about HIV.
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