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Understanding the transmission of HIV


I have couple of Qs to understand the transmission of hiv from one to other.


I heard that blood and genital fluids these the fluids that transmit HIV virus. Okay

Now if hiv positive inserts her penis inside vagina or anus of hiv negative person or the opposite. And no one of them their fluids came out and there was no exchange of fluids . How come the virus can transmit? Please can u explain it clearly.

- second I hear that one of these fluids if touch the Mucous membranes of the penis the transmission occurs. Okay so if someone put his penis inside mouth that have fresh blood and the penis doesn’t have any cut , but the blood touchs the Mucous membranes of the penis can the transmission occur ?

Please just want to add for my infos how it works ?

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1.  Fluids are always exchanged during anal or vaginal sex.
]2.  There is no scenario, including blood in the mouth, that will allow HIV to transmit by receiving oral sex.

The only sexual risk for HIV is having unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex - and that is ALWAYS a risk if your partner is HIV-positive.  Anything else you can think of is not a risk for HIV.
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I know buy my Q is I read that Mucous membranes if get touch with infected fluids, the transmission will occur even if the skin it’s clear and there is no cut in skin
I gave you the only sexual risk for HIV.  Your question does not involve penetrative anal or vaginal sex and is, therefore, not a risk.
does it have to be penetrative? can HIV transmit through frottage of genitals with bodily secretions?
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