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Underwear like this

Dear Sir or Madame, I have a question to consult. I did a laundry for my underwear in a public washing machine, I used anti-bacterial  laundry detergent. But after 1 hour after I hung out the underwear. I got wet in a rain. I need to change the underwear, because the underwear was still  wet. I used a hairdryer to dry it. And the I went to bath, When I put on the underwear. I felt it was still a little wet, maybe I hadn't dried it completely. I'd like to know will I get HIV from the underwear. I'm afraid that the washing machine was used by a person who has HIV before. I know that HIV can not survive in dry environment. But how about in wet underwear. I'm scared.
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Relax DSDSQH . You are fine. The HIV-acquisition risk from what you have mentioned above is completely nonexistent ! Be well. Stay well.
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I'd like to know will the HIV died as soon as possible outside the body. Will they be active for one hour?
Trikon, is this sentence correct: HIV will not transmit in any indirect ways.
I'm very afraid that I will get HIV indirectly
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It's not possible to get HIV from surfaces and inatimate objects. HIV can only infect inside the body through unprotected anal/vaginal sex and by sharing injection needles for drugs. For an adult, there are no other ways to get infected. You should stop worrying about something that will never happen to you as long as you always use condoms for sex and never share drug needles with someone.
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For example the underwear had HIV virus on it. If the underwear was exposed to air for about 5 minutes the infection would had died.
Secondly lets take the case that infection was on the underwear and you wore it. STILL THERE IS NO RISK AS THE INFECTION CANNOT STAY ALIVE ON YOUR SKIN.
It has to be in your body to survive.
You are at no risk and you donot need to get tested.
Take a bath wash up yourself and your done.

Stay safe,.
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