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Unintentionally may have been exposed.

Teak & Lizzie,

I think I might have exposed myself unintentionally. I'm a little concerned and like to hear you opinion on a new development -- today I went over to a massage parlor and had a phillipino gal come in to massage me. Now after the massage she started giving me a sensual oil massage with her own body -- naked.

Now this is where im very confused....she got me to lie down face up, and she got on top of me and closed her legs up tight around my penis, but it was such that my bare penis was making contact with her vagina -- she started moving up and down and was attempting to stimulate the sensation of sex without actually having it, BUT I could've sworn there were a few times it felt like I was really inside her but when I checked I felt my penis head out in the open -- do you know what I mean?

When I asked her about whether or not she was sure it was out all the time, she very vehemently said "ofcourse!" and that it didnt go inside...but I dont know for sure really...so hypothetically lets say for a good 10-15 mins my penis's length was rubbing the front of her vagina rigorously -- im sure her fluids may have gotten on my penis and its head as well right?

Does this constitute a risk? And also would I have been able to tell the difference between this pseudo-sex and the real thing if I had gotten into her?

Thanks again.
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Frottage is not a risk of contracting HIV.
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I'm still a lil confused about whether or not I did enter her or not. If you read the above you'll know what I mean by that -- do you reckon regardless of how similar it felt to the real thing I would know if I entered her for real at any point?

Also would be kind enough to briefly explain why if perhaps with all that interaction between our genitals, say she was wet, and my penis head was exposed and got her fluids on it, would it not be a risk?
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I have had sex for years and years and no matter what I always know when I enter a vagina. I think you would too.
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Hi Lancome,

We would not be able to tell you, from a third party perspective whether or not you had unprotected penetration or not. Only you would know it yourself. However, it is unlikely that she would lie about it.

If you did not have unprotected penetration, then it was a no risk situation. Hiv is pretty fragile, and is rendered inactive once outside the human body.

Wish you all the best.

May God bless

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How many people will it take for you to understand you didn't have a risk?
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