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Unprotected Anal

Hi I’m Joseph

I’m very tired and scared

I had unprotected anal sex with a girl on 15 October 2019    for 5 minutes and I ejaculate outside and I’m  Circumcised

And she already tested for all STI a day before which is on 14 October 2019

I did a mistake I didn’t wait for her results to show before I have sex with her

After 3 days we had sex I had very high temperature 39.6 C I went to hospital I was sick for one week

A week after got sick I got white multi pimples above my penis

I went to hospital doctor said it’s herpes and gave me Valtrex and cream to apply then after 10 days I have another out break on my left upper back like liquid blister

The girl she sent me her STI test which showed HSV1, 2 positive

And her HIV test came Negative

Test was HIV COMBO (1/2/0 Ab + p24 - Ag)

I went for full STI test on 26 October 2019

I got my STI results HSV2 Positive


Results came on 3 November 2019

I went to another doctor for my upper back older pea outbreak he said HSV2 doesn’t appear on upper back and he said maybe it’s Shingles

I read in every website that shingles it’s because HIV infection

Now after 1 and half year I had very high temperature 39.8c I went to the doctor found my WBC HIGH and he adviced me to take COVID 19 test which came back negative

I woke up next morning I felt burning on my upper back I found I had another herpes outbreak

I can’t sleep or eat

I’m stressed my life is stopped I’m scared to get another HIV test

I have very bad dry cough for 3 weeks now

And I smoke cigarettes

I live in Middle East and the HIV test that I did they sent the blood sample to Germany

I know I need another test

But is the blood sample that sent to another country will effect the results?

I don’t know what to ask I’m confused

I wish you to advice me

Thank you
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This is truth first I had protected sex then when I came back to my country I had unprotected anal for 5 minutes with a girl that I know

I didn’t mention the unprotected sex because she tested negative for hiv day before we have sex

Then I keep reading they say she might still in her window period

After I had sex with her I also test hiv combo test 11 days post exposure it came back negative

I’m telling you the truth

What is my chance of contracting hiv from my story

I’m not her to lie or to be annoying

I just want to relax I’m tired
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Well, you likely know what we'll say here.  Take another test. Any test you take now will be confirmatory and it will most likely be negative.  
I took the test

I went to main government hospital here in my country and I asked them for hiv test

They said we have a fast results test

They took finger prick blood and they put few drops from liquid I don’t know the name of the test if this a home kit test or called rapid test

We wait for 20 minutes and it came back negative

Is this 100% accurate test after 1 year post exposure?
Yes.  You do NOT have HIV.  It is time to move on from this event.
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Don’t mind the people because they keep asking the same questions every day

We are human we get scared we live in fear and thank you for everything answer our questions and thank you for your advice

I want to get married and I’m my country hiv test is required and every time I delay our marriage because of fear and anxiety
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1)  This is not an anxiety support service, so we do not answer the same questions from the same people over and over.

2) Last time you were here, you said you had protected intercourse in October.  Now you are telling us you had unprotected intercourse.  Which is the truth? We cannot help you unless you tell us the truth.
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Her test was 1 day before we had sex and my test was 11 day after we had sex

What is the chance she still in her window period?

And I’m thinking about our test me and my partner we did it in the same clinic

Which they sent the blood to Germany

So duo to transportation does this effect the results?

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I feel as though from your previous post you have now switched your exposure.  Is that true?  Previously we told you that you had no risk from your encounters.  Unprotected anal sex is a risk. But keep in mind, it is a low risk. Less than 1% chance of transmission. That the girl showed you a negative HIV test would really mostly likely she didn't have HIV.  So, low risk in the first place and impossible with someone that didn't have HIV.  To confirm you didn't get HIV, you had a test which was done at the appropriate time and it was NEGATIVE. You do not have HIV.

There are a multitude of viruses out there and anyone can get sick. Common cold could cause your symptoms.  
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