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Unprotected Insertive Oral Sex & HIV Qualitative RNA PCR

Hello, I am 28M.

Exposure: Insertive Oral Sex For 10secs with Massage Parlour girl at Thailand.

she was drinking beer at that time. so , does alcohol affect the enzymes?

I have took RNA Qualitative PCR and Other STD tests at 17th day.. and results are Negative.

Is Qualitative RNA PCR is Reliable test ??

Should I need to retest DUO test after 6weeks ???

Symptoms - Sometimes Itching on hands &  sometimes shivering... I am not sure this is due to my anxiety.
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I missed that you only had oral sex, not vaginal sex.  As GuitarRox mentioned, you had zero risk for HIV, so any test you take at any time will be accurate, and negative.
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Drinking beer has no effect on anything related to HIV transmission.

A DUO test should be taken at least 28 days after the event in order to be fully accurate.

No comment on symptoms as they are not indicative of whether someone has HIV or not.
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Thanks for your reply...  
Whats the risk associated with my sexual Encounter ?

you mean RNA Qualitative PCR is not accurate? Sorry if i am wrong.
Sexual Encounter: Massage Parlour girl gave me a blowjob for 10secs.

You had no risk. Receiving oral sex is no risk for HIV transmission. The only risks are to have had unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or to have shared IV needles to inject drugs. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. Everything else in your post doesn't matter You don't need to test, you had ZERO risk.
Are you sure 100%.. I don't need to get tested...for HIVl ?

Of course I'm sure.  We do not just guess in this forum.  Risks for HIV are well-known, and you didn't have one.
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