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Unprotected Oral intercourse & Protected vaginal intercourse

Hi, I'm 27 years old guy. I'm worrying about HIV Pls help me. 12days ago I visited brothel centre in Singapore (licenced legal brothel). The girl looks healthy no rashes found in the body. First thing we kissed each other very deeply (liplock and tongue also touched). Then I done Oral intercourse with her without wearing condom. My penis goes deeper into her throat. After that I sucked her nipples (She is unmarried). Then I licked her clitoris area  only about 30secs but I never touched/licked the vagina hole area. Her vagina also looks healthy but little bit white discharge appeared. After licking we kissed deeply each other again. Then I done vaginal intercourse with wearing condom. Condom haven't slipped or breaked until ejaculation. The. After ejaculation she removed the condom safely with tissue. Then immediately I washed my penis also I done shower. After that we kissed each other again. Then after 7 days again I visited that place and had sex with her same thing I done as I mentioned above (unprotected Oral sex &  protected vaginal intercourse). After the 10 days of first exposure or 3rd day of 2nd exposure I started suffering from mild fever. Fever lasting more than 3 Days now it becomes moderate fever. I have one mouth ulcer now my throat also mild pain no other symptoms. I thouoghly reasearched in internet and watched many doctors videos all says "There is extremely very low to zero risk for oral sex". They mentioned risk is 0.04%. this number makes me so worried about HIV and other STI's. I asked that girl she is regularly going to medical checkups/tests every three months as per Singapore govt rules she said she is having health card also. This is the rule for Licenced brothel in Singapore. But now my symptoms makes me so worried. pls advise me is there chances getting HIV based on the event I mentioned? do I need to go for HIV Test?
Please help me, Thanks.
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The only risks for HIV are to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or share needles to inject drugs. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. Oral is not a risk. You won't get hiv from oral. wearing a condom for vaginal sex is also not a risk nor is kissing. None of this long post are a risk.
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Ok Thank you so much for helping me. One week ago I was under depression and stress due to some personal & family problems may be that caused me fever and mouth ulcer.
She probably kisses every guy in town and catches every respiratory disease going around, so you should have expected to pick up a flu or cold or Covid when you kissed her. Mouth ulcers have nothing to do with stress - anyone can get them but that is for a dentist to figure out. And you can't look at a vagina or face or whatever you did to get any idea if a person has hiv.
Ok Thanks. Based on my event any possibilities to spread other STD's ?
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