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Unprotected/Protected insertive oral.with shaving nicks and flu after exposure

I went to massage parlor one month before and while massaging she took my penis in her mouth for one second. Immediately I removed my penis and put condom and she give a blowjob to me for 3-4 minutes. While sucking I saw her saliva coming down towards the base of penis where I did shaved my pubic hair before 3 hrs and their might be some suoerficial nicks bruishes abrasions leisions. So what are my risk of
1.unprotected oral sex of one second.
2. if she had bleeding gums or sores in her mouth  and her saliva mix with her bloid enter to the unprotected area of my genital where their is superficial cuts before 3 hrs while sucking.
I got flu with sorethroat after 27 days of exposure and taking antibiotic which has shaken my confidence. I m very depressed and very fear.
I had no other exposure other than this. had not any protected or unprotected vaginal or anal.sex with anyone since 20 yrs. Should I be tested or no test is required and I ignore this flu as not related to hiv and move on.plz help me I m very anxious.
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?1~ no hiv risk
?2~No hiv risk.
Assuming, and what ifs only fuels your anxiety.
Testing is always your option but I don't see it as necessary from what you describe.
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Thanks iommi, plz anyone reply iommi,.rubywitch, curfewx, diver, bestrong or anyone.
I have been reading everything on this forum since one month and was not worried about oral sex exposures.
I had read that no documented case of insertive sex has been recorded till now.
Oralsex carries no risk.
Saliva is not infectious.
If blood comes in contact with saliva it will become inactive.
Hiv virus is not infectious outside of the body as it becomes inactive due to outer shell gets damaged.
Also superficial cuts carries no risk unless it is very deep cut and actively bleeding.
I was ok until I got flu and it has broken me down. I lost all my confidence and very depressed. Now I started to think may b some virus has entered thru her saliva mix with blood (which is still active and not died due to exposures to air)  to my 3-hrs prior superficial cuts.
How to bring back my confidence. Sometimes I m ok thinking it was not risk and no testing is required. But most of times i get depressed due to  flu like symptoms and mild sore throat with low grade fever.
I m also afraid of testing as I work in.middleeast which is conservative country and they will deport anyone who has hiv.
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No one here will give you a different answer - you had NO RISK.

No one has ever been infected by receiving oral sex, blood or no blood, and you will NOT be the first.
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Thanks iommi and curfewx. You both have brought some confidence back in.me. Will try to b strong and not worry. Thanxs for your support and information. I m hypichondriac and ocd tendencies so this flu after expsore is making loose my confidence. I will try to ignore this flu as coindindence with my exposre. May God help me in fighting this.
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