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Unprotected Vaginal Encounter with an Escort.

Dear better-informed individuals,

I must start by saying that this is a brilliant service. Thank you. My situation is similar to many people's on here.

At the end of November, I met a young lady online who was roughly 22 years of age. I had an idea that she was very active sexually and decided to meet her in "her" hotel room. It was clear to me that she was an escort but she didn't ask me to pay or anything because there was slight mutual attraction. Being amazed at the thought of not paying, I decided to sleep with her and she insisted on me not using a condom. I gave in when she reassured me that she was clean. I wasn't completely erect, and I must have only lasted a minute or 2. I ejaculated inside her due to nerves getting the better of me but she was on the pill. There was some oral contact before from her end but no anal whatsoever. Also, I am a circumsized male with hypospadias. A little more detail, she was white. I am middle-eastern. She claimed to not do any IV drugs but does the occasional MDMA.

Here are my questions:

1. Its been 21 days and I plan on getting tested on Monday, when it will be 23 days. They only offer HIV antibody tests. How much confidence should I have with that result?

2. Circumcision and Hypospadias are two factors which I doubt have been studied together. While one decreases the risk of contraction, the other increases it. I am not sure how to feel about this. Can I have some input from someone more knowledgeable than me?

3. I had been suffering from an unaware perianal abscess around that time and wasn't on antibiotics. I developed a mild fever 2 days after the encounter which lasted a few days. I also started to feel very tiny lymph nodes in my groin, all of this might be accounted to the deep abscess. I started taking antibiotics (cypholexin - 4 a day) a week ago. I developed a little fever in the past few days which only lasted a day or two. I had one instance of diarrhea at night this week. My skin has been itchy. I developed a lined rash on my forehead when i started the dose but it has since gone and wasnt itchy. All the stress and anxiety has been very hard on me and I feel like my neck lymph nodes are swelling but I dont feel the pea-shaped nodes? Runny nose has been around too. Fatigue and headache existed with the fever but have gone away since. Are these common reactions to antibiotics or do they resemble some hiv related symptoms?

I would appreciate any sort of response. Thank you so much. It may alleviate my stress and anxiety. I am only 20 and I cannot believe what I have done. If I get through this, I will do anything to change my life around.
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Any and all details about your encounter are now irrelevant. The one and only relevant point is that you engaged in unprotected, penetrative sex and therefore you need to have a test at 12 weeks.
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Okay :) The antibody test on the 23rd day, is that a good indication by any chance?
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Less than a month after exposure is more or less meaningless.

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There are tests out there like the DUO that are great for "early" detection, but don't get confused...."early detection" is not the same as "conclusively negative!"
To truly be certain nothing other than an antibody test post 12 weeks.
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Hm, cheers mate. I have never heard of the DUO test. The most accurate early detection test is probably a PCR RNA test (western blot). But the clinic I am at can only afford an antibody test. I might get that done in conjunction with the p24 antigen test but lets see. Thank you for your response though. Merry Xmas and a happy new year to you.
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Thank you. But you can say Christmas and ditch the X. I am not a practising Christian , but I play one on TV and in the last two weeks or so I have not kicked a puppy.

Seriously though, don't fret too much about your misfortunate event. It is what it is and you cannot change it.
Save your time and money and just get a garden variety antibody test at 12 weeks.
The reason an antibody test is the most reliable is because it actually works with your immune system. After 3 months your body would have responded to an invader and produced enough antibodies. If there are no antibodies after 12 weeks, your good to go!
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