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Unprotected Vaginal Sex, Some Questions


I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with a woman I assume is HIV positive roughly 20 days ago. This lasted 3-5 minutes and I am circumcised. I had no cuts on my penis and did not have an STI at the time. I have not taken PEP.

I received a 10 panel STD check (including the 4th generation HIV test) at 14 days post-exposure and everything came back negative. I then took an HIV RNA test 17 days post-exposure and will receive the results within a couple of days. I understand I need to wait a while to test again for HIV for any of these tests to be conclusive.

My questions:
I have read that the 4th generation HIV test can detect the p24 antigen as soon as two weeks, how encouraged should I be that I tested negative? I understand it was too soon for antibodies to show up.

I have not experienced ARS symptoms, should I be encouraged?

I plan on taking the 4th generation test again at 28 days post-exposure, is this appropriate?

Thank you for any replies.
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If we also assume your partner was HIV positive your chances of contracting HIV from vaginal inter course would be more less than 1/1000 . Your negative result is encouraging , Your 4th gen test at 28 days will definitely give you a more conclusive answer . Why are you assuming your partner is positive?
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Both tests were a waste of time and symptoms prove nothing.  
You can't get a conclusive result from the 4 gen until 28 days - this is not a high school biology test where you might get a pass if you cheat.

The RNA will never give a conclusive result so don't bother doing it again.
Thank you for your reply. A couple thoughts:

1. The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute – June 2015 states that "The latest tests,
referred to as 4th generation tests, can detect HIV by 11-14 days
after infection." I understand a negative test at 14 days is not conclusive, my question is whether it is appropriate for me to be encouraged by the result. Regardless, I don't think it was a waste of time as I was tested for other STIs as well.

Source is here: https://www.health.ny.gov/diseases/aids/providers/testing/docs/testing_toolkit.pdf

2. It is also my understanding that the RNA test is highly accurate, albeit not conclusive as you stated. I don't see the harm if this will buy me a little peace of mind.

I'm not trying to "cheat" anything. As I'm sure you know, there is a substantial amount of conflicting information. I am navigating it the best I can.
You had an unquantified risk, and a 4th gen test at 28 will provide the only answer that matters.

1. If it isn't conclusive until 28 days it is valueless, unless you want false hope. I would stick to reality though and try to not think about it as much as possible until 28.

2. The early 4 gen test is what I referred to as cheating, since you cant get any useful info from early testing.

Check another thread a few weeks ago about RNA - no one here recommends it.
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