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Unprotected encounter with CSW in Dubai

Dear Experts,

I would appreciate your guidance on my stupid mistake of having unprotected encounter with massage parlour worker in Dubai. I had visited her earlier however got oral blow job and hand job.

she said she likes me when i visited for 2nd time and blow job immediately turned into sex. I asked her for condom however she did not have it. She said she is clean and no problem as she is not doing this with everyone. I am anxious and as i cannot trust her completely.

The encounter was for few minutes and i ejaculated little bit inside and rest outside and it was on 30th March 2022. Please let me know the risk of HIV and other STDs as i am really worried and anxious now.

How reliable will be duo test at 28 days which is recommended on lot of threads?

Thank you in advance.

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Sent u DM. I'm in Dubai as well.
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Did u test?
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Not yet, i will be doimg the test today.
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Obviously, unprotected intercourse is a risk.  A 28-day test using a 4th generation test is extremely reliable.

Since this forum is only for HIV, you can ask your STD questions here: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs-STIs/show/98
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May i know the chances for catching HIV or any STD in encounter. The girl has confirmed to me few times today that there is no problem. I am not sure of her status. I am various anxious.
Odds of getting HIV from a one-time vaginal sex encounter are very low, and that is only IF she is HIV+.  That is ALL I can tell you.
I am experiencing sore throat and muscle ache, please let me know if i take duo test at 19 days, how accurate the results can be. Thank you in advance.
Billions of negative people get sore throat. You should stop trying to isolate this as if hiv was the only possibility. You can test on April 27.
Dear Expert, i have done the duo 4th generation test at 30 days, result is negative. Please confirm if its Conclusive or I can test again at 45 days.
That test result is conclusive. Congratulations.
Thank you for the confirmation.you all have been so helpful and provide good support.  May god bless you all.
good luck. Put this event behind you now.

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