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Unprotected insertive oral sex with an HIV pos guy ?

I am a gay man, and had unprotected insertive oral sex (my penis inside his mouth) with another gay man two months ago. I have read at multiple places in this forum that this is a low risk activity. However, this gay man I had sex with turns out to be HIV positive. He is also on medication, and is taking dilutegravir. The oral lasted for about ten minutes, and I did not ejaculate into his mouth. I am uncircumcised, and I am sure his saliva has come into contact with my glans penis, foreskin etc. because I was not wearing a condom. I don't what what his viral load is, or for how long he has been HIV positive. Should I get tested ? How probable is it that I might have got HIV ? Any help is deeply appreciated.
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You did not read that this is low risk in multiple places on this forum. Everyone here knows it is zero risk, so you need to stop interchanging the words low risk with zero risk since they are very different. Zero risk=no HIV transmission=no disease=no need to test
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I get what you are trying to say, and I am relieved by your response. But the fact that he is conclusively hiv positive, and that his saliva did come into contact with my foreskin is why I freaked out. Oral sex is desribed as a "low risk activity" in the CDC cite, and I did come across a few academic papers that have documented a couple of cases of people contracting hiv that way. Hence the worry. I hope I am alright, and have decided not to get tested after reading your response. I will go and take a test once every six months and that should be fine I guess. Keep doing the good work you are doing, and this forum is of immense help to people like me. Thank you, AnxiousNoMore.
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No one, as in ZERO, as in no one has ever gotten HIV from giving or receiving oral sex.  Saliva contains enzymes that breaks down the virus and air also inactivates it.  There is no documented case.  There might be an anecdotal story, but doctors do not support that there has been a legitimate case of HIV through oral in the past FORTY years.  You are not going to be the first.  
You don't need to waste your time and money on another test.  You will not get HIV from oral sex with an HIV + person.  You just won't.  
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GuitarRox, that was really reassuring. Just a couple of queries though:

1. I read a peer reviewed academic paper online that has documented two cases where the insertive partner got HIV. How is that possible ?
2. If his viral load was high, then isn't it possible that the saliva had enough hiv viruses that some of them were not rendered inactive by the enzymes and the proteins present in the saliva ? When these hiv viruses come into contact with my foreskin, why should they not infect me ?

I just hope that I am overthinking all this stuff. :(

40 years with a maximum of 2 people and you are worried so much that you are Googling for Death thinking you can be the next?
Doctors have determined that you have more chance of being hit by a comet as you write at your computer. Or you can  get E Coli from a meal like hundreds do annually so that is millions of times more likely, but do you test for that after each meal? To answer your question, YES, you are overthinking this HIV fixation because you have millions of other possibilities of death that you don't spend one second worrying about.
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