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Unprotected oral and protected vaginal, worried!!

4 weeks sharp i visited a female escort and had unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex for around 20 minutes.
The escort didn't seem to be bothered  wether  the condom is on or not , but i insisted to put it on at all times throughout vaginal intercourse.
Condom was intact and properly used throughtout the intercorse i believe.
We also had deep kissing for around 5 minutes as well.
My problem is that last week i started developing fever of 37c ,sore throat ,and overall not being well. ( fever lasted for 3-4 days )
for this i went to a GP were he diagnosed me with tonsillar stones ( my tonsils looked inflamed  with white patches on it ).
I started a course of augmentin and shortly next day white patches disappered though sore throat and very mild dry cough still there to date.!
I'm kinda panicked and worried about it especially after surfing the net about HIV symptoms and timeline.
I'm about to get married very soon and i'm so nervous about it!!
I hope i can hear from you soon regarding my incident and fears.!

Thanks so much again for your time.
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Not an HIV concern.
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Thanks a lot for your speedy  answer!!!
Do u think i can safely have unprotected sex with my wife ?

Thanks again.
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Wouldn't have an HIV concern.
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