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Unprotected oral sex , Protected vaginal sex

Few days ago  i have with my current girlfriend (We been together about 1months) , 12hours before that sex i shaved my penis and did have some few mirror cut the biggest is  about 2mm (width) 3mm (length) on penis and testis area , these cut does bleed a very very litter of blood.
we did a no condom oral and the rest of the time my penis is in the condom until end of the sex.

i'm pretty sure right after the sex i checked these mirror cut and none of them is bleeding and healed which doesn't have blood anymore.

The problem is i'm not sure she is a positive HIV carrier or not.

Do you guys think i still need a HIV test?
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You used a condom, therefore you had no risk. Oral sex is not a risk either. Even if she was HIV+ (which is highly unlikely and weird that you would assume she was) then it still would not be a risk. In an adult, the only risks for HIV infection are unprotected anal or vaginal sex and sharing drug needles with infected users. And since you didn't have a risk, obviously there's no reason to test.
many thanks for the answer.
Because i just barely together with her about 1 month.
This is my 3rd girlfriend
Before i have sex with previously 2 girlfriend  i always will ask her to check together with me with these home DIY test kit to ensure we both don't end up a nightmare and blaming eac other.

But this time because we both was a litter drunk after  a  friend wedding dinner , so dint do the test and straight a way done it  

Lucky i dint forgot about to put on the condom lol
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You think your girlfriend (whether a month or not) could have HIV?  She's hiding it?  Come on.  Talk to your doctor about anxiety.  You had no activity that is a risk for HIV in the first place.  The only way adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles. Saliva and air inactivate the virus.  

Actually i dont feel any anxiety right now.
What done is already done , can't help already.
Actually not worried on the oral part , but these mirror cut on penis & testis area.
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As has already been said rather bluntly, that is not a risk. AIR inactivates the virus.  Little cuts on the penis and tested are not ways HIV is spread.  You do not have to take the advice to talk to  a doctor about anxiety but if you do not, you probably will never have a normal sex life as you will just worry and worry over nothing until you drive your partner crazy.  Do yourself a favor and talk to your doctor about anxiety.
Thanks for the advice.

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