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Unprotected oral sex maybe with bleeding gums

Hi. Sorry my question details maybe a little bit long, please help me. I am a guy. Last week I gave a guy unprotected oral sex. He also gave me the oral sex. Before the oral sex he asked my HIV status. I didn't do any sex with a guy and girl (oral/ anal or vaginal) before. I didn't brush my teeth or eat chips before the oral sex. And I am quite sure there was no sore, open cut wound or broken skin on my lips. The following information is about that day's oral sex.
1. I performed two time of oral sex but each time was not so long. I could taste his precum at that time. I retained his precum and my saliva around 10 seconds after he pull off his penis from my mouth. And I swallowed his precum twice. However I tasted blood taste after performed the oral sex. I didn't taste the blood taste during the unprotected sex. I was so freaking out. From other website they said the bleeding gums can increase the risk. So I believed it just mild bleeding gums. Because I just felt the blood taste for around a few second.
2. He also put on the condom after the oral sex. And he tried to get in my anal. But he didn't get in. And I just felt his penis touch my anal. That feeling was not something get into it. He also said he didn't get in. Then we didn't do the anal sex. Just his penis covered by condom and touch my anal. Later on I touched my anal and I could feel the smell of the lubs.
3.He told me that last time he did sex was 3 month ago. And he did the medical check up last month. He showed me his medical check up result and his HIV status and syphilis were both negative.

My question is am I in the risk of getting HIV? And is that the bleeding gum can increase the chance of HIV transmission? I am so worried about all these. Please help me. Thank you.
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He didn't ejaculated inside my mouth. Just some precum and I swallowed.
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The person was not HIV infected as he was negative.
Secondly, the saliva kills the HIV virus in 3-4 second as it contains proteins.
Thirdly, oral sex possesses almost no risk of HIV transmission.

You are not HIV infected.
You need not to get tested.

Stay safe and use latex condom always.
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