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Unprotected sex for 30 seconds / PEP Advice / PCR DNA

I am from India pls help me !
I am a Male.
I went to unprofessional massage place and had Vaginal unprotected sex for 30 seconds & unprotected oral for 5 mins. Before having sex she rubbed her vagina on top of my penis for 5 mins.

I always use condom for sex. Due the moment heat i didnt use the condoms.
The girl promised me that she is clean. Where she don't have sex with anyone apart from her husband. She had sex with me because I promised that I am free from STD.  

1. What is your opinion on this considering Indian HIV Ratio ?
2. Shall I proceed for PEP ?
3. Will HIV PCR DNA give good report in 72hrs from the Exposure ?
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Here are the risks for HIV. Having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV needles to inject drugs. Oral sex and rubbing outside a vagina to a penis are not risks. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. The only potential risk is if you did indeed penetrate her unprotected for 30 seconds as you say. However, the risk is minimal. It is less than 1 percent. That's even is she is hiv positive. It's zero if she is not. You do not need pep. PEP is a hard medication to take and not warranted in this situation. They reserve it for situations where the other person is KNOWN to be HIV positive. Personally, I wouldn't start testing right now. You are very unlikely to have contracted HIV from this. I'd wait until 28 days and take a DUO test.
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Thank you

Started Pep within 24 hrs.
Completed 14 days of PEP.
When can I test after PEP ?
My PEP completes on Nov 11th. If I test on Nov 11th is the test is Conclusive.
You must wait 28 days after finishing pep. You really didn't need pep though. That's reserved for sex with someone known to have HIV

Today Massage Girl did 4th Generation Test which came back HIV Negative.

That is after 22 days of my Exposure she tested and the report is HIV Negative.
Thank you.
Also I check myself after 20 days of Exposure 4th Gen Test which is also Negative

I have one more doubt about HIV. Pls I need your clarification.

It is my usual practice every month twice I have Protected Sex with massage girl.
In Oct 20th I had Protected Sex with massage girl. I used Durex "INVISIBLE" condom which is Super ultra thin condom thickness is 0.043mm ie 43 Microns.
After sex I checked the condom there is No leakage. Also once checked with tap water No Leakage. So I washed the condom and kept inside my bag and forgot to throughout. After 5 days I checked condom with tap before throwing. And there was multiple leakage from it 5 to 10 leakages.

What do you think about this leakage ?
It because I kept in the bag tight it was happened or usually after certain period of time used condoms get hokes like this ?

Always i use to check with tap water.
Do we need to check with water for the condom leakage ?
I am always confused on this issue.  
If a condom fails it makes a large rip down the seam and is hard to take off because of the ring. It is time to move on from hiv ideas. Messy water tests are a waste of time. I have no idea why you have leakages 5 days after there was none  - maybe all the purposeless pressurizing you are doing made it leak - but if concerned just take another duo after 4 weeks.
If you are going to freak out each time, perhaps twice a month with a csw massage girl is not a good situation with you. We certainly can't keep answering condom questions for you. In fact, this is my last. Condoms break in noticeable ways and pin holes are a myth. If you can't handle the emotional and psychiatric side of csw sex encounters, don't have them. And keeping a condom for 5 days after sex, washing it and all of that is strange and gross. Obsessive in a way that is ocd like. Wear a condom, you'll know if it breaks, they usually don't and that's it.

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