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Unprotected sex - hiv fear

I made a biggest mistake and suffering from it for past 8 weeks, drinking a lot to cope up with that.

I had unprotected sex 60 days ago with an escort and started having symptoms after 2 weeks.
I got scared a lot and had severe anxiety. I took HIV RNA on the 9th,  20th and 49th day all were neagative then took the HIV 4th gen test on 35th day, 10 test panel(including HIV 4th gen) on 42nd day and 56th day all were non reactive.

can I consider them conclusive on 56th day(8 weeks) or do I need to wait for 12 weeks since this is a high risk exposure? I am in a desperate need for advice and in need to talk to someone.

9th day - HIV-1 RNA Qualitative - Negative
20th day - HIV-1 RNA Qualitative - Negative
49th day - HIV-1 RNA Qualitative - Negative

35th day - HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx -- Non Reactive
42th day - HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx and 10test panel-- Non Reactive
56th day - HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx -- Non Reactive
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Your have tested conclusively negative. Undetected - PCR RNA at 20 days and negative duo at 56 days rules out possibility of HIV infection.

With your extensive testing habit there are 2 important things I want to tell you:

1. You don't need to do a final one at 90 days.
2. See a therapist to overcome your paranoia.
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thank you very much for your response. I calm down myself but my fear gets triggered as soon as I or my partner gets sick( like sore throat, head ache, back pain, diahhrea) thinking that those are hiv symptoms.

There is absolutely no chance of HIV with my test result correct, 1000% conclusive ( sorry for repeating the question)
You know the answer deep down inside, I am sure you have already done your bit of research to know. Trust it.

There is nothing called 100% in medicine, the probability of you getting struck by lightning is astronomically higher than your result changing ahead.

It's time for you to move on. See a therapist if you are unable to move on.
Thank you very much Mike. I will try to move on
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4th gen is conclusive at 28 days. It is abnormal to test repeatedly for the same disease. See the therapist as I told you to do on your other thread.
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Thank you. I will try to move on
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Your 56th day 4th gen hiv test is already conclusive that your not infected,usually the  4th gen hiv test are considered conclusive by 4 weeeks.
Theres no need to test again at 12 weeks but should u like too,the result will be likely the same as your 55th day 4th gen hiv test result.
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Thank you for the reply
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