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Unprotected sex with a sex worker

I had unprotected sex with a sex worker on 7th Feb. I was drunk and stupid. Next morning I realised what happened and strted taking VIRADAY(PEP) on 9th February. On 11 th February I took a western blot test to rule out my past exposures( as I had unprotected sex in my past also). The result was negative. I am about to take take a 4th gen hiv test after completing my PEP. My question is how to control this anxiety. I have been not been able to work or concerntrate anywhere. I resigned from my organization because of this anxiety also. I have no one to hear me out or even talk. I keep looking for answers all day on the internet. Also , I want to know how reliable is Western blot test . The last unprotected sex I had was 7 weeks ago.
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Also, how successful is PEP?
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PEP is highly successful in preventing HIV infections.  However, testing while on PEP isn't recommended as PEP suppresses HIV replication and antibodies. You'll need to wait until a month after you've finished your last dose of PEP to get accurate results.
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Also, I did not ejaculate inside her vagina. What are my risks?. I
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Western Blot is usually use to rule out positive results but you have a negative result. Negative WB don't rule out hiv. Just to be clear about your last post, did you have vaginal?
The first step to peace is to stop googling for death on the internet cold turkey because only a test can provide an answer. Until you stop wasting your time looking for answers that can't be given, you will continue to be anxious. Seek therapy or talk to your doctor if you can't accept that because no one on a forum can provide anxiety support to a person who is constantly googling for death.
Yes, it was vaginal sex.  Please tell how negative western blot do not rule out HIV?
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