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Unprotected sex with sex worker and scared of hiv

Hello sir/madam,
I made a biggest mistake in my life being drunk and getting involved with a prostitute unprotected sex. I started having lots of symptoms after a week or so. I got positive tested for chlymadia on week 3 and unfortunately i got positvie test for herpes on week 5. I still have a symptoms of white tongue on the back of my tongue.lately i m having knee joint pain, ankle pain and my wrist joint pain and elbow joint pain. I have done several 4th generation test the last test being on the 48 day mark came out negative. I also did rna pcr qualitative test on day 32 after exposure. Also did CMIA ag/ab test on day 39. All came out negative. But i still have joint pain, white tongue on the back of my tongue, patchy loose stool and headache that comes and goes. I m really worried of not just Hiv 1 but also hiv 2 since i m in the zone where hiv 2 is being spread rapidly. The exposure happened close to India n Nepal. Can anyone please tell me how likely that i could have contracted all those disease and what is the likely hood of negative result after 48 day mark to change into positive? I m stressing everyday and now i m already looking into options what my life would be after being infected, health concern and life expectancy and such....
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You have ReA. Reactive Arthritis induce by Chlamydia.

NO HIV - DUO IS accurate.

Take Doxy for 3 months.

Good luck ReA does not become chronic. Find out your HLA b27 status.
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FYI. Life suck yaar. Don't sweat it. ReA is short duration. It explains your white tongue, fatigue, joint pain, spine pain, urethritis, prostate pain, fever, chills, headaches.

Benchod, I have the same thing so I know.
I took antibiotics for chlymadia. I was placed on doxy for 10 days and was cured for chlymadia, but the joint pain started on 5th week and every once in a while it goes away for a day then it comes back on. How likely is it that i might be infected with hiv i asked few doctor and they said its not conclusive until 3 months after the exposure.
Thank you for your response.
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What makes you think Hiv-2 is growing in that region? I am also suffering from the same symptoms and have tested negative till 10 months by the way. And yes you have to wait a minimum of 3 months to get a conclusive result
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Why would they advertise saying it is conclusive after 6 weeks. I just wish i could go back to that time. Unfortunately its only going forward!
About the hiv 2. I have read in numerous article that says so.
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