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Unprotected vaginal sex

Hello Dr.,

I’m 32yo male heterosexual. Im circumcision.  Apology for this disturbing describe. 1month ago i have an intercourse unprotected vaginal sex with online prostitute in indonesia. Before i started we both bath and clean up our body. After ready were kissing with tounge about 5 minutes, and i put my fingger (fingering) on his vagina about <1 minutes and the girl get oral my penis about 2 minute. After that i ask if she have a condom ? But she said havent a condom. So i put my penis into her vagina without protection, im so fool.. :(. The penetration its about 1-2 minutes. And i ejaculate outside on her tummy. After intercourse we clean ourselves.

After i get back home, i get notice article about hiv, im so deppressed worried about my last unprotected intercourse. 1 day after that day. Ive anxienty, queasy, fast heartbeat all day long, sweating, etc. I cant put off away about hiv risk on my head. My question is ;

1. It is i have potential high risk hiv transmision ?
2. It is automatic transmision hiv if had a contact penis with vagina liquid ?
3. It is my sick are hiv symptoms ?

Please help !!! I dont know what have to do. Im really confused. Thanks for the answer.
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You can take a 4th or 5th generation test any time now for your conclusive result.  If you do not have access to a 4th or 5th generation test (also known as an Ab/Ab test), you can take an antibody-only test 3 months after the event.

Transmission is NOT automatic.  In fact, HIV is not easily transmitted and occurs in less than 0.1% of events.

Symptoms for HIV are not specific, and cannot be used to determine if someone has HIV.  Just get tested.
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Thanks for response,

Yes, ill have to wait window period (min 3 month) to get test. I just feel it very long time.. im get stress thinking about this always on my head every time i woke up in the morning until i sleep at the night.

To make it more clear. “Not automatic transmission” in what case / what situation hiv will be transmision on vaginal sex ? Is it there must be sore / open wound ? And if there is no sore or open wond it cant be transmision the virus ?

Please reponse ? Thanks u so much before
It is somewhat a matter of luck.  The more vigorous the intercourse, the higher the odds of transmission.  HIV can transmit in any situation that involves penetration.  Again, the chances from a one-time event are very low, and that is only *IF* she is HIV-positive, which most people are not.

We can't tell you anything more - just test at the appropriate time to know your status.
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The chances of getting hiv from unprotected vaginal sex from a single exposure is 1/2000 which is 0.05% . the chance of you testing negative would be 99.95% .

But that doesnt mean you can have unprotected sex. Use a condom, always!
Yes.. my bad. I dont know why im so fool not using condom for that. Why the chance of transmision is very low 0.05%. As we know the virus can transmited from vagina liquid ?

Can you explain to me what the really meaning of single exposure 1/2000 ?

Thanks before
There is no hidden meaning of 1/2000.  It means that each time you have unprotected intercourse with an HIV-positive person, you have a 1/2000 chance of contracting HIV.

All of these questions are meaningless - just take a test at the appropriate time to know your status.
Thank for your information.. i hope my result came to negative :((
I haven't seen any one testing positive from a one time unprotected vaginal intercourse exposure in a decade here or any where else. Hope it helps you.
Thanks for your support mike.
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Hello All,

Im so sorry to post again some question about thing related with my case above.
Just curious, do you have any idea how much chance the virus from vagina fluid enter to Penis urethra when penetration occurs on unprotected vaginal sex. When there is a quite brief penetration? Let say about 1-2 minute. Is it high or low ?

Wichevers bigger chance transmission of other STD like ghonorea, Claymidia, etc compare to HIV, in case no open wounds when penetration ?

I really appreciated for the response.

Thanks a lot before
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It is advisable that you wait for your 28 days and test to get a result. Several members have already reassured you, we understand that you are anxious however, coming up with "What-ifs and "Some-hows" are only going to make your anxiety worse.

As discussed before, the chances of you testing positive from your event is miniscule, wait for your 28 days, until then focus on the fact that risk from a one time exposure, especially for a male from a female is considerably low.
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