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Unsure about HIV Risk

I'm in the bathroom with a man today. He holds my penis to insert his anus. I'm not sure if my penis is stuck in his anus or whether the glane head is a little in. His anus was wet at the time. I was worried that my penis would accidentally enter his anus, but I was not sure.
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Did you use a condom? If not then you had a risk if you penetrated, however no one here can tell if you did.
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I am not sure whether I have penetrated, but I didn’t have the feeling of my penis entered his anus. I'm afraid the penis is a little bit in, but I can't feel it, would it happened?
In other words, if penetrate did occur, can I definitely feel it?
When did this occur?
okay, well.  Yes, you'd know if you were penetrated or you penetrated.  Tight fit and all.  But no one was there but you.  So, asking us is kind of irrelevant.
Did you use a condom?
No, I think I rubbed at his anus and press on his anus, I didn’t feel my penis entered his anus.
I can’t feel the process of penetrated.
If you didn't penetrate then you should move on. No one here can figure out if you did, other than what has been posted above and below.
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No one here can help you determine if you penetrated or not.  If you feel like you had a risk, just take a 4th or 5th generation HIV test 28 days from now to know your status for sure.
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What I have understood is that it's seemingly difficult to penetrate into an anus without application of lubricant. Nonetheless, I second CurfewX. Only you can decide whether you have penetrated or not. Therefore, please accept the advice offered to you.
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