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Unusual symptoms . Can it be aids ?

I had unprotected sex one year ago . But after one year I developed flu like symptoms which is quite common in our area due to cold weather conditions and lots of my friends was infected by such flu .
I also had rash in my back as well which came after flu  was gone . But when i went down the google it was written ‘aids symptoms occurs few weeks from transfusion ‘and it seem I didn’t had such symptoms one year ago when i had unprotected sex .
So can uh please tell me if it can be a hiv ?
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HIV can not be inferred through symptoms, and a full year is very sufficient to show in the test except that you are infected or not, my advice is to test
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Since everyone in your area got flu there is nothing unusual. Was it oral or vaginal or anal unprotected?
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It was vaginal unprotected .
Anyone can get a rash or the flu so no one can diagnose your status except from a test. There is nothing unusual about getting flu and rash and the internet is not able to help anyone diagnose either, so should be avoided since it can only make you anxious the more you search and guess.
You can take any HIV test now for a conclusive result instead of wondering.  
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