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Urine splash with blood

I guess this question gets asked a lot but I need advice. Today I used a public toilet and I was squatting on the toilet seat, and as I peed some pee hit the toilet seat and splashed back on me. The seat was already wet before me so it had someone else’s urine beforehand. That urine also splashed on my thigh. If it contained blood, also as blood in urine is not always visible and it can still be present, am I at any risk?? My question is, what if bloody urine splashes on to your skin?? And I know blood is exposed outside the body is not infectious but what if it’s a matter of a minute before someone else had used the toilet before me??
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Yes, we've had such questions before. Here are the risks for hiv and the ONLY risks. The risks of HIV are if you have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV needles to inject drugs. Air inactivates the virus.

So, in answer to your question. First, you speak in what if's and hypotheticals. Like what if another user before you had HIV ad peed on the toilet. What if the pee had blood in it. Your mind is spinning scenarios due to anxiety. Know that. This is an anxious mind at work making things up. Second, regardless of this fear mongering of your anxious brain, it is not a risk. NO ONE gets hiv from urinating in a public restroom. No one gets HIV from touching urine, with or without blood. You can't 'touch' ANYTHING and get HIV. Air is involved and inactivates the virus. No one has ever gotten hiv from something like you describe nor will they. Nor will you. It's an irrational concern once you understand how hiv works. And hiv does not transmit by surface exposures.

If you haven't had unprotected vaginal or anal sex or shared injection needles when using IV drugs, you never need to worry about hiv.
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So even if there was fresh blood on the seat along with urine and they both splashed on to my bare legs, I am safe?
Also, I got pricked by a pin, it was like a common pin, am I at risk if it pricked someone right one second before me? It penetrated my skin and went through my trouser and drew blood
And finally, when you guys mention the testing guidelines like window period, do you take into account the global factor? I mean is the window period like 3 months, the same for all countries including poorer 3rd world?
I fully answered your question. You need to keep your anxiety in check. You clearly  have major anxiety. Possibly ocd and your letting it control you. I answered about the toilet, Not answering again. Re read if you need to. Memorize it.

Getting pricked  by a pin. Another very VERY common ocd/anxiety theme around hiv. Based on nothing. AIR inactivates the virus. What is the pin i? AIR. The end of the pin if it actually pricked you (these are the things people often imagine but will give you the benefit of the doubt) is in air. So?  Right. Any chance that the pin happened to prick someone ELSE that had hiv (doubtful) and then pricked you right after (doubtful) ACTUALLY couldn't be a risk anyway because air inactivate the virus. NO risk. You can't get pricked by something like a pin or needle and get HIV.

ONE more time:  Risks:  having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV needles to INJECT drugs.

Not answering testing window questions for NON RISKS.

But fine since my guess is you are a long time anxiety sufferer and possibly will begin a cycle of unnecessary over testing. 4th generation tests are conclusive at 28 days and beyond. ALL other tests are conclusive at 12 weeks and beyond.
Thank you for answering. I don’t have anxiety but I get HIV anxiety. I just want to know is the window period the same if someone has a needle stick injury? And when you say ALL other tests, do you mean every test in the world? I’m assuming this form is American, but what about the rules for those of us in a poor third world country? Just want to clarify this. Is the window period the same for every country?
Hiv anxiety and health anxiety IS anxiety. That's it and you have it. See a doctor for this. You have a pattern that is psychological and unhealthy. I already answered every question but you will continue to spin more. That's the anxious minds work. HIV tests are hiv tests. Third world countries, poor countries have the SAME window periods. If your test is 4th generation duo test (and yes, you'd have to ask which generation test you are taking or get the name and  look it up, not hard), it is conclusive and does not change after 28 days. And if it is any other generation (3rd is what you'd get if you didn't get a 4th generation test), it is conclusive at 12 weeks (which is 3 months). Same in EVERY country. It's the window period of the test and it doesn't matter who takes it.
But you don't need to test and insisting that you do over these two NON risk scenarios is ANXIETY. If your country is poor, save tests for those who really need them and don't waste them on what is NOT a risk.
I know you are right I will have to get therapy for anxiety. Thank you for your patience I really appreciate it. Just the last question: if the pin that I got poked by was actually a hollow bore needle, would the window period be the same or would it be longer? I guess my question does every type of exposure have the same window period or would it be longer for the needlestick? I am not 100% sure if it was a pin or a surgical needle that’s why I am asking
There is no window period of ANY KIND for your non-risk event.

Unless you deliberately injected a needle directly into your vein, there was no risk. You need to accept this and move on, instead of taking up our volunteered time on Sunday trying to convince yourself you had a risk for HIV.
You will keep coming up with questions so this is indeed the very LAST one I will answer for you. Definitely get help with your anxiety on a professional level. Makes no difference. A needle stick is a stick. STILL no risk no matter whether it was a pin or hollow bore needle as you say. Getting stuck with a needle is not a risk, ever. It is not an injection. And NO. Do not spin into a new anxiety that 'maybe it was an injection'. It wasn't.

And I"m not sure why you aren't understanding. Window period is ALWAYS THE SAME. no matter risk no matter where you live. no matter anything. Window period is constant. 28 days ( 4 weeks) after exposure for a 4th generation test. ALWAYS. No matter the incidence that requires testing (nothing you've mentioned requires testing and is an abuse of a country that sounds like the poverty level is such that tests should be reserved for real risks, don't abuse your medical system due to your own anxiety) and 12 weeks (3 months) for all other generation tests. That NEVER changes. No matter who you are. What your income  level is of yourself or your country. No matter your risk. The ONE and only thing that extends out when you should have testing is if you took PEP within 72 hours after the exposure (which you should ONLY take if you have one of the ACTUAL 3 risks).

Get help with anxiety. Online or in person. Take care
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