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Various low risks along with rash on chest

Let me first say I am probably a little extreme when it comes to worrying.  This isn.t the first time I have been worried about hiv.


A few weeks back, I received a 2.5-2.8 months negative test result after receiving unprotected oral sex (I am male).  That was encouraging and I felt okay to move on.  I should be able to move on from this situation...right???

Now I am freaking out again!

About 11 days ago I received unprotected oral sex and fingered this girl with an unknown status.  I remember having a few tiny cuts/scratches on my fingers, but they seemed to be close to fully healed.  I also gave and received hickeys, BUT the girl who gave me a hickey went too far and broke my skin...she actually tasted the blood.  It wasn't a bunch, but was visable...would that be considered a risk?  I also gave a hickey and now I am thinking I also broke skin and tasted blood.  Would that be a legit risk?

Normally, I wouldn't get this worried about these low risks, but I now have a rash on my chest ranging from my pecs to mid stomach...and the rash seems to fit the same characteristics on an hiv rash.  Small raised red dots.  I know it is indeed a rash.

How long does an hiv rash last for?
I haven't been experiencing other symptoms...no fever or flu like (altough I freak myself out searching for swollen nodes...I always think they are swollen).
Would a hiv rash develop this early?  11 days after exposure?

I did sleep with my shirt off and with someone else's blanket the night before I discovered this rash so I am really hoping that is what caused this rash.  I normally sleep with my shirt on and I use my own blankets.  Could this just be a crazy coincidence?  Should I stress over this rash and these hiv risks...please help.

Thanks in advance.
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At no time were you ever at risk of contracting HIV. As for your rash see your dermatologist. It has nothing to do with HIV.
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If it were a hiv rash, how long would it last and when would it appear?
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Well, my rash has practically cleared up now.  Took about 4-5 days.  Wouldn't an hiv related rash last longer?

Sorry for being so worried, but I need to know.  Thank you for your time and energy!
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