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Very confused about possible HIV exposure. Please HELP!!

About 4 weeks ago I had protected sex with a russian escort in Bangkok. She put the condom on my penis and gave me a blow job for about 30-40 secs. I could feel her teeth during this. Later we proceeded for vaginal. It lasted for about 15 mins and I ejaculated in her. After the act I checked the condom and it seemed intact as I could see the semen held inside the condom at the tip.
After a few days I started experiencing mild head ache and Sinus. I also have mild sore throat. What makes me worried is that I happend to have unprotected sex with my wife about 3 days after the event at Bangkok and now my wife is experiencing sore throat, mild fever and body aches for past 3 days. She also missed her period & tested negative for pregnancy test.
Can someone please help me with my situation. I will be very grateful to you all!
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if condom was intact then there's not a risk. don't worry!
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No, if a condom fails it is a large rip down the seam and it hangs in tatters so you both see that.
People cough on your lips and door knobs so that is how your family got the sore throat just like they always do a few times a year. Since you can't have HIV, do not worry your wife with your incorrect fears. Her pregnancy test means nothing about HIV.
I request you to answer one last question; Would you recommend me any testing? Or should I just move on considering this as a no risk exposure.
You might as well test to see if she made you pregnant as test for a disease that was "no risk exposure. "
Thank you for answering. I am certain there were no visible tears. However the symptoms I have been experiencing and stuff I am reading in few forums about contracting HIV even after protected sex, is making me worried.

From your experience, have you seen/heard of anyone with HIV after protected intercourse(no condom failure)? Can you please throw some light on risk of contracting HIV from protected sex?

Thanks so much!!
You keep rephrasing the same question. Your anxiety is a bit of a mental health issue at this point so see a therapist to put yourself out of this misery. No one here can do that.
You don't have any medical training so your fears that you know more about HIV than the people giving advice here is unrealistic. See the therapist to discuss this also.
you do not have HIV, as you've been told more than once. your symptoms prove nothing, why do you not just think you have a cold?  I know in my area(of the USA) strep throat is going around and i currently am getting over it. also, even though you know that you weren't at risk,  symptoms do not show up that soon even if you were.

just to summarize, you DO NOT have HIV.
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