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Very worried

Hello everybody,
I am outside of the country and I had the worst decision of my life. I had sex with a sexworker from Africa. Fingerred to her vagina and protected vaginal sex. After ejaculation, my penis was soft and the condom remained there, in her... Two drops (maybe from my seminal) dropped on my leg.
After this incident, I showered.
Later that night, because I was drunk, I tried to have sex once again. This time without protection. Because I didn't have complete errection, the penetration was not complete or didn't happen at all (I don't even know, I was drunk). I gave up in just one minute.
I feel so ashaimed, it is the first time when I cheated on my wifem and it seems that I really screwed up everything... my family, my life.
What would be the chances to catch hiv from her? I couldn't find her to ask to perform a test.
This happened 3 days ago. Since then, i looked on the internet and read different opinions about the period after exposure when i can test for hiv.
Please help me with answers and advice!
Thanks everybody!
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I know that was very stupid, I can't turn back time. I am now in the middle of nowhere, with no possibility to see a doctor or to make any test. I started taking doxycycline, to prevent other stds. I am really desperate.
Please help!
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Thank you. What about the first part?
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Hi everybody! I come back again, hoping not to be banned or reported to this site.
As far as I remember, it was one or two ,,pushes" up and down. We both knew that I ,,missed" so we agreed to stop.
My problem is that I can't find her, to ask all the questions in the world.
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Hi, I understand your frustration and concern.... But as of now you will have to wait for the 3 month mark to be tested. Since this happened 3 days ago you'll need to test March 2016. Best of luck to you
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Ok, thank you. What about the 28 days or 6 weeks period that many guys are talking here on this topic? Are 6 weeks enough for the tests to be accurate? Thank you
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Unprotected penetration (even a brief one) poses a risk of HIV transmission.
An HIV test at the right time will give you accurate results.
A 4th generation test should be done at 4 weeks post exposure and a simple HIV test at three months post exposure.
Keep calm and test at the right time.
Take care
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Thank you very very much!
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what is the difference between hiv 1/2 test and 4th generation hiv test
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