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Very worried!!!

Hey guys so ill keep it short

My wife cheated on me 5 months ago, had unprotected sex with someone else, and then had sex with me 3 months ago

She tested negative rapid 7 weeks and 14 weeks post exposure and have been healthy ever since

Meanwhile Ive been experiencing symptoms(fever, tender lymph nodes, whit stripes on the side of tongue that look a lot like leukoplakia, whitr tongue as well, and 3 weeks of coughs) although tests at 7 and 10 weeks came out as negative

Could I be a fast progressor and continually test negative?
Thank you
Im really worried please help!!!
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I had unprotected anal sex 7 months and tested negative, I also have the same symptoms as you have and more! we are conclusively negative.. It maybe any other illness that is not related to any std
Hey how about your symptoms now? Are they still there? Have you had any diagnosis?
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All HIV tests currently on the market are conclusive at 3 months past exposure. A 4th generation duo test is considered by many experts to be conclusive at 28 days after exposure. Since you didn't say what type of test you got or if you don't know then the 3 month post exposure guidelines should be followed.
Hello, unfortunately 4th gen tests arent available in my country, only 3rd Gen ELISA Rapid tests, we both took the same rapid tests, are out results conclusive?
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