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Virginal fluid inside condom Risk

Hi, I’m a 32 year old male 51/2 months ago when on a business trip to Colombia where I had sex with sex worker. I was very reluctant at first but was drinking and when anyways.

at first all I want was a blow job so the girl played with herself while I watched as she used lube and a sex toy while I play with myself without a condom, after when she came and put on a condom for me which I’m sure she had virginal fluid on her hands and give me a blow job, I didn’t ejaculate I think by this time she was tired of giving the blow job and wanted me to have intercourse I loss my erection before even getting there and just when back and lie down on the bed the condom came of at some point on the bed. She came back over and insisted I ejaucated so she played with herself and then played with my penis (she had viginal fluid on her hands again) and got me hard it was very vigorous cause I wasn’t in the mood anymore she  put on another condom, we had intercourse for about 3 mins where I faked it just to be done. I looked down the condom was intact and I pulled it off and when on my way. I’m uncircumcised and on my way home my penis was hurting from when she was trying to get me back hard.

When home for the pass week I felt Mildly fatigued but it was enuf to notice.week after came down with a fever and cold with headache and liquid stool, when to the doctor got a Shot and was ok by 3 days. A week after the felt fatigued for 3 days. By this time I was already panicking about hiv cause I didn’t know much. A month after the encounter stated to get electrical zaps only lasting for a 10 sec in random parts of my body which then turn to after about a week numbness and tangling in my feet and hands which still continue to this day.

When to the doctor did a medical and an hiv test not sure what type it came back neg medical came back fine. When to the doctor for the numbness did mri and nerve conduction all fine - he thinks it stress, he put me on b vitamins and LYRICA didn’t take the LYRICA but taking the b vitamins.

As for testing did Alere 4 gen combo not determine, at 3 months it was negative at month 4 did Alere 4 gen, another rapid test 4th gen and lab test 4th gen the girl said it was elizar ( think she ment Elisa Not sure.) full std panel gon, herpies past and present and vdrl, it came back positive for Gonorrhea which was confusing cause 4 months of gonorrha after four month without any discharge or systoms of it. Anyways I took meds for 10 days when and test after the ten days didn’t show any gonorrhea not sure if it was faults positive.5 month Alere 4th gen rapid test neg.

Right now my symptoms are numbness for 4 months, reoccurring ulcers in month goes away after 2 days, pain in my back of neck reoccurring, body pains reoccurring pain under neck not sure if it nodes nose stuffy everyday and clear throat all the time not going away. Or did a vitamin d test at 5 month which was low and taking supplements .

Sorry for the long story, but just a few question here,

1. What is my risk of hiv? With virginal fluid from her hands twice and getting inside the condom and vigorous masterbation?
2. Do you think I didn’t seroconvent yet
Cause of the neg test?
3. Can low vitamin d cause late antibodies
4. Do you think I need more hiv testing?6 months to be conclusive?
5. What you think all these symptoms is?
6. Is there a point where antigen peak and  are stared to be produced antibodies that a 4gen test would not pick up hiv cause I have read ppl say 6 month and 3 months but if antigen are made from that point onward g
4 gen tested supposed to pick up hiv? Correct?
Thanks in advance for your response would really like to hear from someone.
Sorry about the spelling and my grammar.

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Sorry also when from 190 lbs to 170 in 2 months and can’t sleep at nights taking sleeping pills cause cause if I don’t I get an hour sleep at a time. Please help. Thanks really fed up of the numbness it’s really getting to me.
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I'm not going to answer the extensive list of questions, because most of them aren't relevant - you had NO RISK for HIV from anything you did.  HIV is only transmitted by:
1) having unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous drug needles with others.

Fluid on a condom, or getting inside a condom, as you can see, is not one of those risks.  Any fluid that exits the body is no longer infectious, so nothing on her hands was ever infectious.

We can't diagnose your symptoms or tell you what is causing them/what could cure them.  We can only tell you that they are not related to HIV, since you were never exposed to HIV.
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Thanks so much.
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