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Was I at Risk or Not?

I had sex with a CSW . I used protection and did it two times. My condoms did not break as after finishing the each time I put water and checked . The only weird thing happened was that the condom did not cover my shaft fully and was half covered. Also the sex was pretty rough so I the condom definitely covered only half my shaft. I had mini abrasions on the shaft .So the next day I ask her to get tested with HIV 4th gen test and HIV RNA <20 copies. Both have come negative.  Now the question I have is she told me she had sex like 3 days back before me . So lets say she was infected on the day where she had sex 3 days prior to me .is there a chance Ill be infected the day we had sex . I mean her results were negative and I am wondering if the viral levels are undetectable or her infection just started is she highly infectious. And Do I need to get Tested?. Please any help would be appreciated .
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We've expressed to you before what the risks are for HIV. They include having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Air inactivates the virus. So, as long as the head of your penis is covered, it doesn't matter if the condom comes up some.  The condom did not break.  You had NO risk of HIV.  
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Having mini abrasions on the shaft where condom didnot cover is also mo risk ?
Correct, this is no risk including if you had abrasions on your penis.  Only the head has to be covered and it was.  
Hi Thank you for your reply. Okay that makes sense . But can you also elaborate on the second half of my question. Like the tests of her being negative and lets say she gets infected 3 days prior. Would she be highly infectious. But if she is then wouldn't the Virology test show a-lot of copies then ? I am just wondering on the time once HIV infects a person how long does it take for them to be infectious. Is it like an instant or does it take a week or more for the virus to start replicating and showing up in the bodily fluids and blood stream.
No, I'm not going to elaborate beyond telling you that you had NO RISK.  You are ruminating and need to focus on NO RISK.
Your questions are endless and the last one is purposeless since you had zero risk. I'm sure that you are familiar with the math formula that anything times 0%= 0%. If not familiar, consider the risk of jaywalking across a 12 lane road covered with high speed vehicles whizzing by is pretty high; but if someone puts up a roadblock on one end of the road so no vehicle can drive on it, then the risk is zero for a jaywalker. The condom is your roadblock.

You need to move on and if it involves seeing a therapist to do so, it will be worth money well spent because there are 5,000 other diseases and conditions that you can contract with no warning that you don't even think about so it is a waste of your energy to spend it on hiv that you couldn't contract.
It's possible you're asking for future reference, but the point is, you used protection.  I only want to advise you that people are often saying on here they asked if their sex partner had a test or not and the true answer is, it doesn't matter because some people may lie to you.  This is especially true if you have sex with someone who has sex for money.  You are going to get told what will get the person more money, just as the person who serves you at McDonald's won't tell you the food there will kill you, it's bad for business.  You have to take care of yourself, which you did, you never want to be sitting there ruminating over whether or not someone was tested or not and, if so, told you the truth about it.  So you are safe now because you used protection and you will be safe the next time if you use protection but you will never be able to rely on someone telling you they got tested.  Peace.
Hi Sorry I did get her tested the next day with me . Although I had to pay her for the time she took to get tested and all her tests. My question for the second part was actually a question which I think has never been asked or studied upon. Was just wondering if anyone knew.
This is not a biology class for curious negative people to ask irrelevant questions. Move on instead of making hiv into a hobby.
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