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Was my tattoo in an unsterile environment?

It was a professional shop with 5 star rating BUT he didn't put plastic wrap around the chord or the machine, the workspace was also a "craftman" like laminate wooden desk with a blue medical cloth and the thing was every time he got more ink he rubbed my blood on the actual desk because the blue cloth wasnt taped down the side) which he said he would clean after every client (and he did after me but it didn't seem thorough) but there was no cling wrap on the actual surface as well as the arm rest (it just had the blue medical cloth tapes on it)

Will I be okay? I don't want any infection or disease from getting a tattoo.

it's been less than 24hrs since i got it
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Zero risk for HIV. You can't get HIV from a needle touching a surface, and then being used to tattoo you.  Highest risk would be a common bacterial infection, but you would know pretty quickly if the site began to swell more than it should.  In any case, we only deal with HIV in this forum and you did NOT get HIV from a tattoo.
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i appreciate this so much, thank you very much!

should i be scared about hepatitis or do you think im fine? he said he cleans it with some medicide or something hospital grade but he didnt wipe the surface that throurogh after me?

As I mentioned, this forum ONLY deals with HIV.  Looking at your history, you have quite the health phobia.  No one can guess what happened at the shop, since none of us were there.  You can call them and ask, but this sure sounds like anxiety instead of reality to me.
you're right, ty sorry if im annoying at all
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