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Washed body of HIV person with open fresh wound on finger.

I had open fresh wound on my middle finger, and I was in funeral of my relative and I was washing his body for funeral and he died with HIV. I do not remember if there was any open wound or blood flow from his body but I realised about my wound after I came home.my wound has healed now but it is black.
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HIV is dead outside the human body so you can't get it from touching your cut on someone else. Your wound that you claim is black has nothing to do with HIV.
Thanks for your reply.
What if he had the bleeding wound as I was washing his with my open wound which was directly in contact.
Also from last few days I'm having upset stomach and sore  throat problems.
Now I see whitehead bumpy on my pennis. Not sure if these are symptoms.
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You can not get HIV this way.  HIV is inactivated by air. The only way people get HIV is from unprotected anal or vaginal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Transmission takes place inside the body.  You had no risk whatsoever.
One last question please,
Is it possible to get infected from water if water has virus from his body wound and it went in my open would.
Should I go and perform blood check up ?
NO, it is NOT possible.  HIV is inactivated in water, air, saliva - it is not active ANYWHERE outside of a person's body.  The only exception is an intravenous needle, because the syringe is a vacuum, and the HIV blood is not exposed to the environment.  Forget about events like this - they are no risk for HIV.
Thank you very much all .
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