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We are all idiots....

Same as Joe, Tom, and everyone else I got drunk and had unprotected sex with two (maybe 3, hopefully not) prostitutes last month while in the philipinnes. It's been over two weeks and I'm waiting to get my first test on January 17th, which will be 28 days...the anxiety sucks. Luckily no visible herpes, pain, or anything else that I can think of but you just never know with HIV. I know they say that heterosexual sex is hard to get HIV from, but I know for sure I did anal with one of the girls so I am screwed for sure if she was positive. Does anyone know if CSW's from the Philippines get tested for HIV on a regular basis? That would certainly ease my mind to know for now. Anyways, this has been a huge lessoned learned and I'm not playing russian roullette with prostitutes anymore!!! Thanks for the discussions by the way, it helps to know I'm not the only idiot out there. Cheers, J

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maybe you should stop drinking so much? then you wouldnt be putting urself in these risky situations. Also sex workers in Asia have a really high HIV Rate.
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Thanks Lizzie and Interested, I really appreciate your replies.

I am getting my first blood test on Tuesday (28 days) which I hope will give me some idea of my status. I will of course get another one done in 2 months.

As far as the duo antigen test goes, I live and work in Asia and there isn't a duo test available here. I will just have to wait longer and see....the anxiety is killing me but I deserve it. It has definitely taught me a huge life lesson. I am going to Bangkok, Thailand next week and will most certainly stay away from the Dark Side this time!

I'll keep you all posted on the results, which I should get on the 20th. Thanks again for your replies and best wishes.

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getting tested regularly is not really your worry...the fact that they had UNPROTECTED sex with you, probably means they're having UNPROTECTED sex with others.

a risk is a risk...and you've definitely put yourself at risk by making that choice.

a duo at 4 weeks or an antibody test at 6-8 weeks will give you a good indication of your status.  follow up at 3 months for a conclusive result.
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There is no mandatory drug testing for prostitutes in the Philipinnes. In any event their testing history would be irrelevant if they have unprotected sex with lots of clients, and had done so since their last test.

I have to say as well that it is concerning that they were so willing to have unprotected vaginal/anal sex with you.

You are not 'screwed for sure'. The likelihood of HIV transmission to you from this exposure, if any of them had HIV is 1 in 2000 for vaginal penetration and 1 in 100 for anal.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on,
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